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  • New The Kouros Marriage Revenge
  • The best:BelleSep 20, 2014
    I read the beginning of the story and was interesting the guy thought of her has a sister but seven years later they meet again she become so pretty. The story is good you have to read it.
  • The Greek's Chosen Wife
  • Have to read:BelleSep 16, 2014
    I read the beginning of the story and it was interesting. The woman in the story was lonely she had to marry a guy that you don't even know. And her husband has 3 mistresses in 3 different countr...
  • The Vengeful Husband
  • like it!!!:karaJul 23, 2014
    at first i say it was a bit unexpected story. I mean i was guessing how it was all gonna turn around it was unexpected. It was a sweet story and i was in love with the whole thing. It was couldn't...

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