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Latest Customer Reviews

  • [Bundle]The Desert Princes set
  • all novel i read so far:meowmeowMay 23, 2015
    This set/website is the best set i ever read books,novel,comic ect and injoy the most but sometime i can't finish reading because is only 50page to read. Othewise i have buy ,and which i can't affo...
  • family comes in all forms. :JABMay 20, 2015
    In the first story, I felt that the heroine gave into the hero's proposal as his secretary too easy. The hero comes off as arrogant but his kindness towards the heroine is shown very quickly in the...
  • HUSBAND 101
  • Be careful of what you say over the microphone.:JABMay 17, 2015
    The first meeting of the hero and the heroine was so funny, I was gasping for air; spilled spaghetti on the crotch with the heroine cleaning it, failing to realize the location of it too late. It w...
  • The Passion Price
  • a new way to say, "You have a child." :JABMay 17, 2015
    The beginning did have me on edge because the hero is a minor criminal for having sex with a minor. I did love the hero's adoptive parents for taking him in and raising him. It takes a lot to raise...

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