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Latest Customer Reviews

  • Fool's Paradise 3
  • Awesome:CasandraJun 30, 2016
    Unfortunately, I came in on the last volume of this story. However, I am sure the rest of it will live up to 5 star expectations as well. I look forward to reading the whole thing both in manga and...
  • One Knight in Venice 2
  • Super good :CasandraJun 30, 2016
    This manga was super good... I only read part 2 though. I kinda wish I read the first part but it was still good all by itself.
  • Love it:CryssaJun 29, 2016
    I love the way the hero and heroine met, it was cute. I love all the characters, Sophie and her free spirit, Lee and her gentle nature, The prince and his describing things but the one I loved the ...
  • The art...:CasandraJun 29, 2016
    So... this one was very difficult for me to give a clear rating. The characters were drawn with great detail and I really liked the way both looked in some panels BUT... it seemed like they were al...

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