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Latest Customer Reviews

  • Forced Wife, Royal Love-Child
  • LOVED IT!!:AlyinezNov 18, 2014
    Although it took Rafe FOREVER to figure out that he was in love with Sienna it was worth the it. At least it was fun to see her stick to her guns when it came to his overwhelming ways. Then again ...
  • Raintree: Sanctuary
  • Happy ending for the well-known Raintree trilogy!:Maya4eNov 18, 2014
    Happy ending for our Raintree trilogy! I've liked the two main characters so much... Moreover the plot is quite thrilling! So fast to be read, indeed. Art: very nice, as K. Fujita always does.
  • Raintree: Inferno
  • Love, psychic skills and... suspance!:Maya4eNov 17, 2014
    Nice story! I've just read it and... It seemed to be too short to me, since I liked it a lot. A little remark: too much"suspance" in the ending! K. Fujita's art is wonderful as usual. Loo...
  • Ready for Romance
  • The more you hate the more you actually love?:kathNov 9, 2014
    She grew up hating the elder brother while she fell for the younger one. Fast forward years later and she ends up applying for a job where she had to work with both brothers. The more time she spen...
  • The Forced Bride
  • Would you please show me what a hot kiss is? ...:kathNov 9, 2014
    I read the novel for this story. So i was excited to check the manga version.The art is gorgeous and the flow of the story was loyal to the novel with some minor changes. I really like how the flas...
  • Practice Husband
  • Your daily dose of childhood friends turned sweethearts after a lot of angst. :kathNov 9, 2014
    Childhood friends turn sweethearts story lines always have a special place in my heart. The flashbacks from their past were endearing. Some aspects of their personalities along with their insecurit...
  • A Scandalous Situation 2
  • Lovely comic!:Maya4eNov 6, 2014
    I've like so much this story (2 books)! It is an historical romance, there is also a bit of mystery and suspance. The main characters are lovely, especially the male hero. K. Fujita's art is unique!
  • His Majesty's Mistake
  • Very nice story!:Maya4eNov 5, 2014
    The story is exciting and quite complex, I've liked it very much! Moreover... I love K. Fujita's drawings! Do not miss it!
  • The Pregnancy Shock
  • Not good ending.:Donna RochelleNov 4, 2014
    Ok what happen to this ending here it's all wrong. Does he find out Nicky is his son? Does he remember the night they were together? Come on people throw me a bone here ok.
  • Fool's Paradise 3
  • Love trilogy:Maya4eNov 4, 2014
    I've liked this trilogy very much! The historical context is nice and quite well-described and the two main characters are so cute. By the way... In my opinion K.Fujita's drawings are marvellous!

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