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Latest Customer Reviews

  • Wife and Mother Forever
  • Hes so damanged...its almost unbearable..:erinMay 22, 2016
    To grow up experiencing constant abandonment by all the women in his life its no wonder he's become sullen and broken. It was nice that he was able to finally experience and have a true family. Hop...
  • One Bride Too Many
  • Awww he loved her all along.:erinMay 22, 2016
    This story is one of my favourites. The female lead is very admirable and Im really glad that shes firm and she kept her head high regardless of the circumstances when most harlequin girls would ha...
  • The Salvatore Marriage
  • Gosh I want to punch their siblings in the gutt. :erinMay 22, 2016
    I dont know how to feel about the fact that an honest relationship was destryoed and a virtuous girl was branded a hoe because her weak willed cheating sister guiltied her to take blame for her sle...
  • Bedded, or Wedded?
  • a beautiful woman = a rich man's kryptonite:erinMay 21, 2016
    Young or old, gorgeous or not, it all comes down to their inability to resist the charms of a beautiful goddess like enchantress. Men.. pfft... Even if say she broke up with Armand, why would yo...

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