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  • Millionaire to the Rescue
  • hmm interesting:erinSep 2, 2015
    This was rather bittersweet. It seemed as though the two leads had initial feelings for each other but Carl noticed it first. Makes you wonder if Carl did really love the heroine and the reason for...
  • Mariel is a little bit crazy lol.:erinSep 1, 2015
    Mariel has got to be one of the most interesting harlequin heroine ever. She's brave, headstrung, quick on her feet and never the damsel in distress who always needs a rescue. The twist in the end ...
  • The Desert King
  • level playing field.:JABAug 22, 2015
    In this story, we have the hero and the heroine who have been separated by a nasty misunderstanding. There has been seven years separation from each other. They have to meet again because the heroi...
  • Seeking Single Male
  • people who are deemed "different" can find love:JABAug 22, 2015
    I wasn't sure what the SM and GM stood for till I read the book. I loved the plot line of the story and the illustration done. It's amazing story of how these two strong people found each other. th...

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