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Latest Customer Reviews

  • not good.:JABJan 27, 2015
    This book was not my favorite. I looked up the original book on amazon and it was spot on. The hero acts like a totally jerk to the heroine, ignoring her feelings and placing his ex-wife and daugh...
  • Mistress: Pregnant by the Spanish Billionaire
  • cute!:JABJan 27, 2015
    There is some conflict. It's a typically cinderella story. My favorite part in the end is how he swopes in her mean sister in law's house and declares that she is the one that he wants. The hero an...
  • A Spanish Affair
  • Spanish love:Maya4eJan 26, 2015
    I like this story and how the heroine's love turns the hero's feelings and behaviour for good. I also like this mysterious, handsome hero, of course: he's smart and cold, but could be passionate, t...
  • The Kouros Marriage Revenge
  • Close friends during childhood... Then lovers?:Maya4eJan 25, 2015
    Nice comic, I've appreciated the plot and the love story starting from childhood. So... try and read it, too!

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