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Latest Customer Reviews

  • Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded
  • Italy+Ireland=Love:Maya4eFeb 26, 2015
    Worth reading! I like this couple and how they manage to settle a lot of misunderstandings. Moreover, some delicate matters are dealt with in the plot. So... Italy+Ireland=Love!
  • Father's Day
  • Nice, but... passion?:Maya4eFeb 24, 2015
    Nice book, I cannot say anything negative except from... somehow it lacks passion. For this reason I rate 3 stars. Anyway, it's a good reading.
  • Crowns and a Cradle
  • Royal story... But quite unrealistic.:Maya4eFeb 24, 2015
    The story is quite nice and the hero is likable, but... From an overall point of view it doesn't convince me completely. There's something 'strained' I cannot describe better... Sorry then, but I c...
  • Bought for the Marriage Bed
  • So different twins...!:Maya4eFeb 23, 2015
    Nice story, likeable couple! The twin sister is a real nemesis... Bleah! The heroine is sweet, even if excessive in self-sacrificing; the hero is handsome and strong-willed. I like how they discove...

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