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  • The Ruthless Marriage Proposal
  • hmmm...:GeeDec 9, 2016
    The story was ok for me but it kinda made me feel disgusted about the hero. I mean, excuse my french but he's a manwhore 100%! What he did in Milan is sooo disgusting. And when he said that he was ...
  • WTH!:GeeDec 9, 2016
    What the hell! Everything was so fast. I needed more drama, more development, just more..! Everything was just smooth sailing. Even when the problem accord it didn't even seem like a problem! I don...
  • love!!!:GeeDec 8, 2016
    OH MY GOD! What a cute story. The bed scene LMAO! The best hahaha!!! I don't think I have ever read a story with that kind of twist about the hero hahaha!!! And his version of "dirty talk"...

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