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Passion Romance The Forced Bride

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The Forced Bride

Emily agrees to a marriage of convenience to Count Rafael, just as her father requested before his death. It was agreed that they would get divorced when she turned 21, and she would receive her inheritance. However, as her 21st birthday approaches, Emily claims she wants to make the marriage void. She couldn't stand the rumors of his love affairs any longer, and asks her lawyer to take care of it, escaping to a remote cottage to avoid confronting the cold and arrogant man herself. But she was naive to think she could escape him. He tracks her down and declares, "before we break up, I'll show you the true happiness of marriage!"

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what's wrong with these people? 2  2

The lead female - I love you but I'm eternally mad at you, I ruffle your feathers, go back on my word, but I expect you to keep your word or I'll never forgive you! If you hate him enough to treat him like he's about to rape you or run out stupidly into a blizzard without a brain then how can you at the same time supposedly love him and get so ridiculously jealous when you refuse to fulfill any of his personal needs for years on end?... she needs some Bipolar medication or something. She's extremely mentally unstable for an adult. Furthermore, that stupid confrontation at the party between her and the woman he had been sleeping with, if she didn't have it in her to accept whatever the woman said then she shouldn't have fanned the flames of war between them. She talks back to her then plays the victim. Now despite all this stupidity, she does have her moments. I liked the relationship she had with her father. That was cute and the scenes with the snowman and the puppies as well. Still I did have a extremely hard time liking her. The Male main is equally bad if not worse. Despite how horrible she is he became a lost cause for me as soon as he started to force himself on her. He should have cut his losses long before. Although he ultimately ended up stopping himself... pushing things that far was unforgivable in my eyes. Furthermore, his batch of excuses were full of lies or convenient fabrications for the stories sake. Unless his mistress was a stalker (doubtful) if he didn't answer any of her e-mails then how would she know where they were and what they were doing? If he was telling that woman he couldn't meet with her anymore, then why would he need to take her elsewhere? Why tell her before his wife even got around to telling him that she was pregnant? His moves make no sense unless she is his current mistress. I ended up giving this harlequin a 2. The art was good and some parts of the story were fun to read. As seen below, some people will really enjoy this manga. It just depends on what your personal preferences are but it's not my cup of tea.

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So great !! 5  5


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Would you please show me what a hot kiss is? ... 5  5

I read the novel for this story. So i was excited to check the manga version.The art is gorgeous and the flow of the story was loyal to the novel with some minor changes. I really like how the flashback scenes were done. How the hero fell for the heroine first. He fell for her innocence and stubborn tendencies. The way he cherished and protected her from the harshness of the world to a point that hes willing to plain villain for her is very sweet. The "hot kiss" scene was also well done. Overall one of my favourite harlequins.

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