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Pure Romance An Officer and a Princess

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An Officer and a Princess

The Kingdom of Edenbourg is shaken with the king's disappearance. Princess Isabel decides to rescue her abducted father on her own. She plans to slip into a pub to find clues, posing as a married couple with Lieutenant Adam. "I will count on you when I get into trouble," the princess says to Adam, who tries to stop her because it is too dangerous. Adam prepares himself for the mission instead. On the day of the investigation, at the pub, Adam finds Isabel dressed so luscious that she looks like a loose woman! This is the final tale of a four-story miniseries, The Stanbury Crown: Royally Wed!

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finally a likeable and smart hereoine! 5  5

The plot for the story is rather unique in that the hereoine is a royal princess and a member of the marine. I like that the two held their resolve and focused more on saving the king rather them get jumbled on their emotions . The princess is very likeable in that instead of using her stature and beauty, she turn to use her head more. She was brave and shes the one who figured out where to find her father. Officer Sinclair is also really cool. You ought to give props to a man who can resist the comings of the love of his life. Though some people might find it dislikable that he kept drawing the line between the two of them, I find it part of his charm. The only thing he was certain was that he was his rank and his role to serve his country. He needs to prove that he isnt a traitor and the princess represented the kingdom in a way, thats how much he loves her. He could have easily taken advantage of her but instead, he stopped himself. That was really sweet. I like the leads very much. A well deserved 5 stars and a happy ending.

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A good comic 4  4

I liked it and its worth reading but I don't like how the hero at first cant keep forgetting his and the heroine statuses. Royalty-love- crime- mystery :D its worth it.

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