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Romantic Suspense Raintree: Haunted 1

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Raintree: Haunted 1

Hope Malory's first day as a homicide detective isn't going well. Not only assigned to her first gruesome murder, but also partnered to the infamously eccentric Gideon Raintree. Gideon is quite handsome, but a tad creepy, seemingly talking to the very air! Hope's homicide investigation reveals some intriguing facts: the victims roommate is none other than Gideon's cousin! With supernatural meddling, suspicious circumstances, and romance in the precinct, Raintree: Haunted starts off with a bloody bang!

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editor's comment - April 11th, 2014

This is a totally different genre from other Harlequin comics.
It deals with spiritual, suspense, and of course the most important in Harlequin series, love.
Both hero and heroine are detective, they are assigned to invest a murder. And the hero was known that can talk to dead people. It gives him the clue to find out murderer. Besides that, his special gifts bring him some trouble as well.
In an arrest action, hero gets wound and is taken care by heroine. Then, heroine knows his special gifts and they fall in love with each other.
Will the murderer finally get caught? How will they end up?
There are 3 titles of the series, make sure you don't miss any of them.

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A rare harlequin supernatural romance and it's good. 4  4

I have tried a few of the harlequin supernatural romances and unfortunately I usually end up disappointed when it comes to them, however, this one is different so far. I can't wait to read the rest of it. The lead female gets on my nerves a bit because of her bullheadedness even in the face of overwhelming proof and I don't think a single man, supernatural or otherwise would enjoy being stalked like she was doing. Detective or not, hiding out at someone's house and following them after work is creepy. If there is no department investigation and it's just her own inability to trust what he says, then she needs to let that go. If she cannot trust him no matter what, then she needs to switch partners. Well, at any rate, I still liked it a lot, the story is great and the art is as well. I would happily check out the novel of this one as well.

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