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Pure Romance One Bride Too Many

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One Bride Too Many

"I can't believe the man of my dreams is right in front of me!" At a friend's wedding ceremony, Tess reunites with Cole, whom she secretly had feelings for in high school. To the plain and unremarkable Tess, he was as unreachable as the sun. "He's grown more attractive, and it makes my heart beat fast, but I know that I'm not his type. I have to get rid of these one-sided emotions, fast." But unaware of her true feelings for him, Cole makes a cruel request of Tess. "I'm searching for someone to marry. Can you introduce me to any women?"

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male lead issues 3  3

I'm truly hard to please so by most people's standards this would likely rate higher. I gave it 3 stars because I guess many people would like this one. However, I have issues with the male lead this time. I'm kinda similar in personality to the female lead (when dealing with people in person) so I can sympathize with her plight. The male lead is the issue in this story. I've had 3 major relationships in my life that lasted longer than a year. The longest one was with my son's father and he is identical to this guy here. The worst part of this manga for someone who has dated this type of man is, at the end, he says he just realized that he loved her... maybe he did... but since he's a playboy and so good at being whatever the woman he's dealing with at the moment wants him to be, perhaps he just switched into his normal mode for dating women in order to have the path of least resistance and to keep her happy so he could complete his mission of getting married. Since he's shown throughout the manga he is completely disingenuous and can switch personalities at the drop of a dime to match what he thinks the woman wants to see, then there's really no way to be sure he's all of a sudden come to this realization of loving her. In fact, it's doubtful that he did. Sorry to rain on other people's parade, since a lot of people seem to like it. The art is above average though and I thought the mangaka did a good job with making a good female lead.

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Awww he loved her all along. 5  5

This story is one of my favourites. The female lead is very admirable and Im really glad that shes firm and she kept her head high regardless of the circumstances when most harlequin girls would have pinned or cried endlessly. Shes beautiful and humble and without realizing how he's been in love with her all along. She helps him learn and figure out on his own that regardless of how many girls he meets and dates, he will always find his way back to her. - After all, they were each other's true love.. This is very nice. No steamy angry passionate love making or forced takings. This is about a sweet love, about 2 people who after many years still find their way back to each other. Yep, destiny alright.

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A nice read 5  5

I can actually see this into a full length romance film. Although slightly formulaic, its one of those feel good stories that has the right mix of fluff and a slight tug in the heart for everytime the two leads misunderstand each other's intentions. I also like how the heroine rejected the lead's kiss at first instead of the typical submissiveness of most harlequin heroines. Nicely done. Wish it was longer.

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