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Romance Mistress of the Groom

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Mistress of the Groom

After trying to save her best friend from a loveless marriage, Jane Sherwood has been constantly harassed by the upset groom, Ryan Blair. From bankrupting her to having her kicked out from her apartment, Ryan has been getting his revenge for the past three years. One night, Jane decides she needs some revenge of her own and punches Ryan so hard it leaves her hand injured. To make up for such a humiliating spectacle, Ryan attempts to make Jane his mistress and takes care of her while she heals. Just how much more suffering will Ryan put her through? Is he really trying to get revenge or is there something else behind his actions?

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editor's comment - September 5th, 2014

It is though a Harlequin comic, I found it is a funny story in some way. Heroine is full of pride but thoughtful for friend. She met hero three years ago on a wedding ceremony of her friend. She ruined the wedding because she claimed that she is hero's, the groom, mistress. And that made her and hero taking revenges to each other. In one of trap hero set up for her, she got herself into danger because of her pride, and in the end hero saved her. After that, they found themselves are actually love each other. The ending is so special unlike the other Harlequin stories. Oh, what I think funny is that heroine always got hurt when she saw hero, and the way she got hurt is really funny.

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Funny, in a way really heartwarmingly romantic 5  5

True, it's a nasty plot. He dragged her to poverty, even sold her to some dirty old man! And he said he'd pay for her like a prostitute? Really mean! But well, I can't help loving how he tried to make it up for Jane. The funniest part for me was when his sister came into the scene and found his brother serving Jane like a slave. Intelligible twists in plot. Hoshiai did a great job retelling this mildly frustrating story in the funny light and had ended it lightheartedly into a happy ending.

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