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Romance The Greek's Chosen Wife

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The Greek's Chosen Wife

"Me, marry Nik? Impossible!" He’s a playboy. Why would he ever choose chubby, shameful me? Nik agreed to marry Prudence, heir to a wealthy family, in order to save his family's business. But they've been married for eight years, and never consummated the relationship—even though it's said that Nik has lovers in three different countries! Prudence can't take it anymore. She wants a child and a loving family. When she asks Nik for a divorce, he makes a proposal she never saw coming: he wants a trial marriage with her, and this time it will be real.

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editor's comment - September 26th, 2014

This is also a Harlequin story which you might be familiar to. Heroine from a wealthy family, is a little bit chubby, was forced to marry hero, a playboy. Of course, the reason hero agreed to the marriage is money. Now, as you may know, since heroine is not confident with her body, and as hero seems to be a playboy, on the first night of their marriage, hero was so drunk and heroine was crying all night long. And after the night, heroine left hero for eight years. What happened in the eight years? And in what kind of situation they met each other again? Of course you would say that it is the same as other Harlequin stories, but isn't it also interesting to see how they get back together?

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3 mistresses and one 'double' bride! 4  4

Nice comic, reading it was a pleasure! Sometimes the hero is too much focused on sex, but at the end he gets a 'sex&love balance', so I like it. (By the way...Is Sardinia in Greece?!?!)

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I still think his heart had been beating the entire time from his pants 1  1

Seeing how he bursted his sexual frustrations to three mistresses, of course, his love is coming only from *there*. Harlequin novels explain and show a great deal of respect in men's sexual appetite, but this guy is just nothing but a cheater. It's annoying she still ended up giving him her virginity. He doesn't deserve it.

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Have to read 5  5

I read the beginning of the story and it was interesting. The woman in the story was lonely she had to marry a guy that you don't even know. And her husband has 3 mistresses in 3 different countries. So you have to read it. It really interesting.

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