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Passion Romance Bought by Her Latin Lover

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Bought by Her Latin Lover

At her friend's request, Rosalind goes to a high rollers' casino dressed like a working girl. Unable to handle being objectified by the men there, she runs away before the night is over. As Rosalind walks along the street at night, without any money for taxi fare, the Spaniard who coldly regarded her for being involved with those men offers her a ride home in his luxury car. “I would never accept a ride from a man who disdains me.” At first Rosalind flatly refuses his offer...

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editor's comment - October 31st, 2014

What a coincidence that this is also a story that heroine was in debt. She met a gangster because of her friend and finally owed a debt to the gangster. But there she met hero, the CEO of a resort. At first they had a great time, however when the gangster appeared and told him about her debt, he misunderstood her and left her. Will hero finally find out the truth? And what about heroine will be?

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why date if you need to keep an eye on him? 4  4

I can't understand the heroine's friend because in the beginning of the book; she wanted to heroine to act as a step in for her so no other woman who weasel her way onto the boyfriend's lap. However, the boyfriend instead of being concerned for her, brought a bunch blonde nitwits because his blonde woman wasn't there. If that had been me, I would have jumped out of limousine the minute it stopped. However, the heroine is trying to stick it out for the friend who helped her with her debt. This is how the hero and heroine meet because as the owner of a casino, it wouldn't be a good idea if someone was laundering money through their casino and ended with a case of fraud money. Then the heroine finds out that their little group is going back to the hotel to do some hanky panky, the heroine runs off. The hero finds her and persuades get her into his car and drive her home. The hero is interested in heroine, considering she left that group, and he invites her out to lunch. Although, it gets worse for the heroine because she finds out that her friend transferred her debt to the bad-rich-gangster-boyfriend and now she is in debt and has to do what the bad man says. She is in a really tough spot. Now, on a side note: I don't know why this woman wants to go out with a man who she has to watch out for because he has a wandering eye and hand. If I couldn't trust my partner to have eyes and hands on me only then I couldn't live with the relationship of feeling insecure about my partner. Yet, for her, pretty trinkets and dresses are enough to keep going back for the man. Back to the main event: the heroine uses the hero as an excuse in order to not go to another one of their parties. Next, she goes to meet with the hero in oder to keep up with the appearances, which the hero is happy to meet the heroine again. They have what we could call a "cinderella night" with fancy food, glitzy casinos, and sky-high tower views. Plus, they talk about things like the Napoleon war and anything related to historic. The hero tries to take a step forward but the heroine resists, so the hero becomes a gentleman and sends the heroine home. Now, we lean that the heroine has been living in Spain for three years at the little cafe nonstop in order to pay off her debt, but decides to take off a couple of days to spend time with the hero. I do like that we get to see the hero's perspective on the relationship as well. They seem to have a wonderful time together till the bad-rich-gangster boyfriend finds them and reveals about how the heroine owes him money. This throws the hero off and while, the heroine isn't looking, the BRGB man visits the hero to show him the debt that the heroine owes and makes up the usual spiel of lies that the heroine only wanted him for him money and not his heart. Hurt, by this news to which then hero believes as usual, he changes. Gone is the man who loves courting and discussing history and incomes the cold ruthless hero. The heroine and hero meet but the hero throws quite the ice-cold words at the heroine like becoming his lover. I was quite happy that she resisted and happier that she left the hero to deal with all the clothes, jewelry, and anything that he has ever bought her. That certainly put a whirlwind of confusion in his head and it's only till he meets the heroine's friend that he gets the truth. The hero realizes the truth and starts searching for the heroine. He finds her in England, where she is working as a cleaner. The heroine opens the door to find the hero standing on the other side and reveals that her debt came from spending so much money in her credit card in order to take her Mom to Spain because her Mom was dying. For the woman who had single-handed raised the heroine, the heroine wanted to at least give her mother the last few days on earth to be happy ones. The hero apologized for his attitude towards the heroine and asked her to marry him. Now the ending was different from the original book because in the original, they met after the heroine had the baby but didn't in this one. I suspected that the artist wanted to give the hero the chance to be there for the birth of his child. It was a romantic ending but I would have loved to see the cute child.

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