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Romance The Duke's New Year's Resolution

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The Duke's New Year's Resolution

While visiting the Amalfi coast, travel consultant Sabrina is almost run over by a stately luxury car. She manages to avoid its path, but ends up injured nonetheless. The owner of the car is Marco, who is not only a doctor, but a duke. Since Sabrina can barely walk, he invites her to recover at his home. Though hesitant, Sabrina accompanies him to his villa…but something isn’t right. His servants are giving her the strangest looks…as if they've seen a ghost!.

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Not for me, but I think others would like it. 2  2

The lead female in this one runs away from the man who she fell in love with because paparazzi gossip about her past as a party girl who enjoyed drinking, and dating lots of guys (truth)... when his mother confronts her about her past, she says she's not going to apologize and stands her ground but apparently the public eye is more important to her than his mother's opinion or the male main's feelings. The Male main had an ex-wife who looked like her, but from the very beginning, when she found out, despite their similarities, he clearly tells her on multiple occasions that they only look alike physically and that his ex wife put him through hell and she is nothing like that. Honestly I think the dead ex-wife and the female lead are closer in personality (without the drugs) than the lead male seems to think. She rebelled wildly against her father, going to parties, dating a bunch of guys, drinking ect. I don't see much difference. She also seems to have an obsession with the fact that he's rich and has a noble title in addition to being a doctor. Almost as though it was the only thing that mattered. As she's thinking to herself or gossiping about him to her friends his title and wealth is constantly brought up. It makes her seem all the more shallow. Still as I said, in the title of my review, though the heroine is not the type I like, I cannot speak for everyone and the way the story is written and the art all is done well. My rating is a 2 but my sole reason for not liking it much is the female lead. So, as far as other people checking it out, I'd say give it a shot. It's not bad and you may end up liking it more than me.

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