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After her mother’s suicide, Jay takes the opportunity to leave America and visit Damhoor, the homeland of her late father, as a volunteer emergency doctor. There she meets Malek, a skilled surgeon. Struggling together to save lives in the field, a strong attraction gradually forms between the two of them; however, their feelings for one another are by no means sweet or gentle. The anguished Sheikh, Malek is obligated to inherit Damhoor’s throne. What will this mean for their budding romance?

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I enjoyed this one 5  5

I really liked this one because of the plot, the characters, and the setting. We have the heroine who's an emergency doctor that goes to then hero's homeland in order to know her heritage because she is an illegitimate child of a man from there. The hero is an amazing surgeon and head of the medical department in his country. He's also the heir to the kingdom. They enjoyed each other's presence and don't even make love till after they have confirmed their feelings for each other. I love the struggles they have personally. The hero has a hard time, to openly admitting his feelings to the heroine because of his future career but when the heroine saves his life at the cost of her own, he realizes he can't live without her. The heroine can admit her feelings to the hero but when the King dies and the surrounding royal families stand against the heroine, she worries that she is being a burden to the hero rather than a foundation to him. This prompts her to disappear from the hero's sight as a way to save him and his country from a civil war. Yet, this pushes the her to pull an all out search, using every government he knows to find her. After four months, he finds her in Seattle at a hospital. Then we get the revelation of the heroine's pregnancy and it goes uphill with happiness. The hero learns of his impending fatherhood and tells the heroine of his abdication to the throne. This scares the heroine but she learns the whole deal and accepts that it's okay to love the hero and the ending was amazing.

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