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Pascual, a billionaire from Argentina, is devastated when his British fiancée, Briana, disappears right before their wedding. His love turns into hatred after he reads her letter, which says that she can't cope with their different backgrounds. Five years has passed and Pascual is shocked to find Briana in England where he is visiting for business. Now Pascual finds himself wanting her when he should be hating her!

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4 and 1/2 stars 4  4

I enjoyed this manga it turned out to be feel good type of story except in the beginning. I liked the characters for the most part but there was a HUGE character flaw in the female lead that I couldn't get over. I liked her later for the most part, but originally I thought she was irredeemable. This is partially because she claimed to love the male lead and was going to marry him but disappeared without telling him anything. Regardless of what she thought she saw or the worries she had, she didn't even try to share the burden with her other half (the man she was going to marry). Instead she just left a note with no real reason behind her disappearance. Just telling him she loved him but it was over. I didn't like her at that point, but I could have still given the story 5 stars because she ended up recognizing her shortcomings. apologizing for them and changing when she was given another chance. The reason I had to give this story less than 5 stars is mostly because of the fact that she felt no need to even tell the the male lead that she was pregnant or contact him after their son was born and her excuses for keeping the boy a secret were laughable, and self serving. The boy was at least 5 when the male lead happened to run into the female lead and found out. He asked if she actually ever really planned on telling him about his son. Her answer to him was that she always remembered that he was the boy's father and that he was always in the back of her mind. Then she rambled on in an attempt to further dodge the original question. Which means that she had absolutely no intention of telling him about his son. His supposed consolation is that she silently remembered that he was the father even if she wasn't giving him the chance to be one? Give me a break! All in all though despite my issues with her, the Manga did end up being really good. The art was great, the story was very good and the characters were good as well. I'm glad I read it and would happily read it again sometime.

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misunderstanding turns into revenge 5  5

It was a pretty good love turns to hate story. It reminds me of another book called the The Tycoon's Revenge by Melody Anne. Brianna leaves because of her doubts in her fiance's love for her and finds out she's pregnant. Doesn't tell the father who finds out years later and his love is soon replaced with nothing but hate for her. Parent's disapproved of their marriage from the start and because they never really opened up to each other, they drifted too far apart that they never spoke of why Brianna left in the first place. I also like her childhood story and how it connects to her situation with her son's father.

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