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“I am a servant of the devil,” the world-famous jewelry designer Adamas declares coldly. Annie shivers. The top model has come to his private island under his direction to take pictures for the Adamas jewelry collection. “You have been left all alone on the rock that is me.” As soon as Annie realizes she has been tricked, she remembers her horrible past—what did this man want from her? Am I going to suffer the same terrible experience again? In that instant, Adamas presses his lips forcefully against hers!

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ugh annoying 2  2

For some reason this title irritated me. The girl was robbed of her dignity multiple times for the sake of protecting other people. She was also held captive ( yes that guy was hot, rich and famous bla bla bla). She was labelled a hoe, homewrecker etc etc. Then hot guy takes advantage of her, finds out shes a virgin, forces to marry her, enter emotional blackmail and so on and so on. Then he apologizes because he was happy he was her first and that she was really " the angel" of his dreams. Take out the fact that the guy is rich and hot and this is pretty much a crazed stalker fan who kidnaps, rapes and triggers stockholm syndrome for his captive.

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no drag. 3  3

When it comes to the hero apologizing for his actions towards the heroine, the book is nearly 75% finished. Yet, in this book, we see the Hero trying to make amends towards the Heroine. I have to admit that forcing her to marry him is not the path I would have chosen. I would have probably done it with chocolates and flowers. Still, I think that the heroine would have thrown them out the window. I liked how in the end the Heroine is the one makes the final say," Yes, we are together. It was a nice book.

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