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Faith is walking through the airport when suddenly she's accosted by an unfamiliar man who grabs her by the arm. As she struggles to break free, he glares at her with smoldering brown eyes and, with a deep, sexy voice hinting at an Italian accent, tells her, "No matter where you run, I'll always find you, my angel." Having lost her memory in an accident three years ago, those words hit Faith like a truck. Does he know me from before? Amid the paralyzing fear and anxiety, Faith feels her heart ache. It remembers him clear as day, this man...who was once her lover.

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I love IT !!!!! 5  5

I love manga!!!

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typical 2  2

One of the things that I have found out about this artist is that she always seems to choose books that have the heroine being entirely innocent and the hero being an idiot. Here one of the things that I found wrong. When the heroine first sets the day for the hero to meet her son, she wears a nice dress and from the looks of it, high heels. I don't what has gotten into her. What kind of a woman who works at a florist shop wears a nice dress and high heels to a playground where she might not be able to catch her two year old son in case he falls. The hero is again, an all macho libera guy. He all angry at the heroine till he finds out she has amnesia then he tones it down to a bit. The heroine I feel sorry for, because the people that she thought that she knew, weren't really the people that she knew. Also the stupid brother of the Hero.

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