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Historical Romance SILENT KNIGHT

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Violet-eyed French Princess Celeste is en route to a remote area in Northern England to fulfill an engagement arranged by her father. After a slew of unbelievable hardships, her aunt falls  ill and her travelling party is delayed. Brother Guy, a novice monk with unearthly beauty, is hired as a guide . Completely disappointed in women, Brother Guy makes a vow with God to keep silent while serving as the guide to the beautiful princess, totally unaware of the unimaginable, cruel fate  that awaits them…

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Should have bought it 5  5

I immediately regret not buying this book. It was such a good read. This time instead of some nun having to break her vows, it was the monk. The hero is a monk in training who has forgo the court life because his appearance is so beautiful that only people with shallow purposes come to him and so, he has left that life. He meets the heroine, a french princess who is going to a group of bad nobles to be married. The heroine is unable to go without her aunt and her aunt is too weak to travel. The father puts the hero in a vow of silence and has him escort her to her destination. I love the trip: the interactions on the donkey, the comic scenes like how the tall hero looks on a short donkey with his legs sticking out from his habit up to the calf. I love reading the attraction between the two and how hard it is for the two to fight it. There is danger with the group of bad nobles coming after the heroine to get her. I love seeing the hero's tears, there is nothing wrong with seeing a man's tears. I also like how they spend time go ether by playing cards and such. Then I especially love how the hero decides to save the day. It's romantic and I don't feel like the woman is the weak submissive person. The ending is especially good. A book worth reading.

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