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Robin lost her older brother Simon in a car accident, and a woman driving in the opposite lane was also killed. That woman’s brother, Cesare, assumes that Simon was completely at fault for the accident and plans a clever, ruthless revenge: he uses his overwhelming economic power to force Robin into marrying him! Robin tries to fight the forced matrimony, but when that epitome of manliness Cesare pulls her into a rough kiss, all her strength leaves her body…

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A mess 2  2

This manga is a mess. It's too bad because I may have been able to enjoy the original novel. It seems like it might be a mafia love story... but the story is lost. I've read other harlequin manga that didn't piece the story together correctly but none as messy as this one... The drama is not immersive and feels forced cause the context from which the drama is rooted is pretty much lost. The art bothered me at the beginning, but it seemed to grow on me as time went on I liked especially how the ending scene was drawn. The art's not bad per say it's just took me a while to get used to the style. The ending feels extremely drawn out and Their explanations felt excessive and and were repetitive. That said. I couldn't really enjoy this no matter how hard I wanted to. But I will probably check out the novel.

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human thinking is too confusing 2  2

The hero and the heroine have a connection from the fact that the hero's sister and the heroine's brother collided with each other. The hero is all about having revenge on the heroine because it's her brother fault for killing his sister. To me, it makes sense to be mad at someone who has taken someone who you love away by death. However, when that person is dead and the you go after the closet relative because they are related to the person then there is something wrong. Why? It's because in this case, the heroine and her father didn't cause the hero's sister's death because not only were they not there but they also knew little of the hero and his sister. They also lost someone they love, but they are not going on a revenge cycle. Plus, the hero should know hurting another person won't bring back the dead. After the hero and heroine first meet, the hero comes barging in, acting all haughty and a creep as usual. Then he tells the heroine to go sit down like a good girl, which she does not (thank goodness). Next, he says that they're going to be married and she responds to a no. The hero puts all the blame on the heroine's brother, that now his nephew has become an orphan. This is his reason that the heroine should marry him to in order to get a divorce. None of this is making sense. There is so much conflict and lies. At least in the end, we find out about the truth. The hero and heroine do get back together after a certain amount of time but I just didn't like the way that the hero treated the heroine.

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