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Pure Romance HIS BABY!

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Matt, Daisy's childhood crush, is coming back home, and she can’t hold in her delight. She wants him to notice her now that she’s an adult. But Matt continues to treat her as if she were a child. Daisy decides prove that she’s all woman now by seducing him. Will Matt be convinced?

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not feeling much 3  3

In this story, I felt that the heroine relied too much on the hero on how to make her future plans. For example, after the hero left with the woman that he supposedly married, the girl dropped out of high school because she couldn't finished her exams. This girl is so smart and can do so much and is loved by a lot of people but the fact that she needs him in order to graduate is a loss. Once they meet again after say a year and the hero ignores her. He only says a quick hi to her and turns back to his mother. This is weird because they have known each other for a long time. I would be insulted by his attitude to me. The hero treats the heroine like a child, which makes sense because he is ten years older than her. The hero being 28 and the heroine is 18. When the heroine needs a ride back after a bad date. The hero acts like gentle till she mentions that her date put the grab hands on her. The one thing that the hero shows that is sweet is being a doting dad to his daughter. The hero and the heroine go out to shop for gifts for the daughter and things become tense between them. Things blow up at the christmas party when the heroine confesses to the hero that she dropped out of high school and that she is in love with him. The hero goes off again in a foul mood. The next morning, the hero states that he will have a private tutor so she can pass her finals and work part time as a babysitter for his daughter. Again: treated like a child. In the end, the heroine pulls out all the guns in seducing the hero, which works fine. However, the romance just didn't feel it.

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