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After the death of her parents, Sorrel, the daughter of English ambassadors, was raised by Malik, aide to the sheikh. Although Sorrel is English, she feels that Kharastan, the country where she lives in the palace of the sheikh, is her true home. However, there is only one reason for her to want to go back to England: ever since childhood, she's been in love with Malik. But because he became sheikh, she feels like the time has come to put an end to her unrequited love. But Malik, who misunderstands her intentions, makes her an offer she can't refuse! "If you wish to know men, I will be your tutor...!"

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Ohhh... love. 4  4

The ending part was just the sweetest thing ever. The Sheikh puts this poker face on, almost all through out the story. Pushing the heroin away thinking it was for the best. But the ending just gives away the fact that he is such a soft guy inside. He remembered her promise while she didn't hehehe... which was so cute.

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trying to grow up 3  3

The heroine is a 25 year old woman who wants to go out and feet a job in the home of her country. However, the hero who is also her guardian keeps on insisting that she should do a home stay. He phrases things wrong like, "pretty foreign girl," Not every girl thinks that its a compliment, especially girls who have been living in the hero's country for a long time. I like the fact that the heroine is trying to break free from the hero. I do like seeing the perspective of the hero. I liked how the heroine got a job on what skills she has. I didn't like how the heroine' s friend called the hero's cultural customs silly. I still couldn't believe that the heroine let so many unknown people into her house, however, she is naive about these things. Then the hero comes and sees it all, which is not looking good. The hero calls her a tramp by her clothes. I get the that by one culture standards that would be the case. But for crying in the night. That is how you talk to a friend. The heroine should have stayed in those clothes and went with him to the restaurant but she didn't. Then the hero pulls on the arrogant throne. He wants the heroine to quit her job and travel with because its an order from the sheikh. The heroine keeps refusing giving reasons why and the most lucrative is because she wants a European lover. She says that its unusual in England to be a 25 year virgin. There is nothing wrong with being a virgin. Then hero goes off saying that he teach her all the moves. I knew that something was wrong when he said that. And guess what? She says yes.I was so glad that she got out in the middle of it. Then the hero pulls on his resources and gets the heroine's company to have her sent to the hero. And the crap that the hero pulls on the heroine when she confronts him. To me, that is calling the kettle black. I find it so amazing when the hero and heroine are a party, the hero has all these nice compliments about the heroine but he doesn't say any of them to her. The hero and heroine go to the hero's family and then the hero goes off that he will marry a woman of his native country. A pureblood. The poor heroine leaves. Then the hero and the heroine have sex. Really? Six months go by. The heroine has to go back to the hero's country for business but ends up meeting one of the hero's aides who takes her around then takes her to the palace. The heroine meets the hero and finds out that he has to marry her because when bedding a virgin, he must marry her as well as have her give up her nationality. I was so mad, if the man was able to think that all through, then why did he wait 6 months before saying anything. I was so glad that the heroine threw a fit and made the hero say the three words. The hero's confession is a bit romantic. I did like the epilogue.

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