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Heartbroken due to her childhood friend, a girl from a wealthy Greek family, Kara, visits the Caribbean. There, she meets a handsome and mysterious man, Lucan. A member of the most powerful family on the island, he is rumored to have pushed his twin brother off a cliff to become the family’s successor. Despite this, Kara can’t stop herself from being instantly attracted to him…

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Full of Drama both the good kind and bad. 3  3

There is a good kind of mystery and drama to this book and also the bad type as well. The female lead makes lots of assumptions yet again and the male lead much like the usual female lead in stories I tend to dislike doesn't even bother telling her the truth and instead helps to fuel her distrust just out of obligation to his brother. I gave this one 3 stars cause although I had issues with it it wasn't boring to read and the story had lots of potential. It's just the personalities of the 2 main's that kinda irritated me.

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Just wrong 1  1

This story just had some things that I personally didn't like. The heroine is going on vacation in order to forget that her childhood friend/ fiancee left her to marry another woman. I don't blame her for doing that. I did find it nice that the heroine was greek and not American. The hero and heroine meet because the heroine goes into a room that's number was screwed loose by the hanging upside down. We surmise the the heroine is dependent on her brother at the age of 21, it makes sense if she were in college, but when almost getting married doesn't go for it. We also learn that the hero is responsible for the near death of his twin brother, even though it was his brother who suggested climbing down the cliff. The brother is also the heir to the family estates and everything. The The heroine starts to leave and the hero accuses of her leaving because she doesn't want to be around a man who almost committed a murder. The hero does save her from a band of creepy white men. Surprisingly when the hero and heroine have dinner, the heroine notes from her observation that the hero can't be a bad one because some of the farmers came to stand next to the hero and the hero denies it. I felt so sorry for the hero when it showed that he got his scar from his mother beating him with a horse whip after a certain period of time, which led to him confessing. That is horrible. It's a bit much on how completely attracted the heroine is to the hero after losing her fiancee so quickly, who she claimed to be in love with. Then some woman who knows the heroine goes off on how the hero is terrible to which the heroine defends hims. Then the hero goes off on how they are getting married and the woman flies off in fear because it would be bad for her husband's business. The heroine berates the hero for telling a lie and the hero says that he wants her to marry him because she is tong against the rumors and comments. She asks if it's for business and not love. The hero says that he doesn't mind if she takes it that way. That doesn't make sense at all. He either loves her or he doesn't The hero does state that the heroine has a choice to accept or decline but the heroine accepts for some odd reason. She didn't even think to let the relationship grown because they have only known each other for a few days. The brother of the heroine has a right to be furious, I mean his sister goes off from crying over being left by her fiancee and suddenly gets married. The heroine meets the hero's twin and learns that before her, there was another woman who the hero was going to marry. The heroine is heartbroken and before the hero explains things to her, a little girl who looks alike the hero comes in. I admire the heroine for showing kindness to the girl, but really, suddenly guessing that her newlywed husband is the father when he has a twin brother. Things are just going south. The heroine is so hot and child on the hero because she keeps learning things about the hero that are good from other people then when then hero says something wrong, she throws a fit. I'm not saying that that one is entirely at fault but they are not communicating. The two of them seem to act so immature. The heroine is attacked by a rider on a horse that apparently the only the hero has ridden but the heroine only saw the silhouette and not the face. The hero hears about it and comes very worried. He confesses about the other woman but the heroine remains unconvinced and the hero leaves in a huff with the heroine wondering if he was the rider. There is something that seems wrong in all this. The little girl says some things like she wishes that the hero had adopted her and that the twin isn't warm. The twin and his minions hear and the old woman goes the full radar of hate on the little girl. The heroine defends her but the old woman goes off how she shouldn't be forgiven. The twin stops and the heroine and twin talk alone that leads the twin to giving the heroine a gift that the hero hates. The hero and heroine are placed in a situation where they are together alone and the heroine learns the sick truth of the necklace. The hero goes off in a rant about his brother and the heroine talks about how the hero is so loyal to his brother that he would marry then the hero goes off how they should complete it and forces himself on her. That just killed the romance. The heroine begins to leave till a chandler collapses on the little girl and the heroine stays to take care of her. The Twin's female minion was terrible saying that the little girl was punished. It gives one theories on the *accident*. Then hero gently thanks the heroine but the heroine wants more. We get more when the twin and the hero are playing chess that there is something wrong going on. We also learn from the doctor of the family that the little girl isn't the hero's child but the hero's sister. The heroine is able to see that something is wrong with the twin and learns how horribly twisted the twin is. I mean mentally and emotionally tormenting your own twin for the result of a challenge that you dared him to do. That is plain wrong. When the heroine escaped from his grasp, the twin commanded his servants to kill her but the hero was able to save her. The ending was sweet but it didn't feel good.

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