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Romantic Suspense HUSBAND 101

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Sara is 26 years old, but still a virgin, and in order to remedy that, her coworker has made a romance manual. Sara, interested in changing her late-bloomer ways, decides to use the manual to find a partner for her company's 30th anniversary party. Her target: the biggest playboy in the company, Jim. But Sara has accidentally set her love trap for the scariest and most imposing man in the company—Matt!

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The first meeting of the hero and the heroine was so funny, I was gasping for air; spilled spaghetti on the crotch with the heroine cleaning it, failing to realize the location of it too late. It was hilarious. The heroine is a toy designer and the hero is head of security of the company that they work at. Their jobs are new and fun. The hero thinks that it's possible for the heroine to be a spy and there is another man on the prowl, which makes it more interesting. It gets even funnier when the hero and heroine meet again, they end up in a park pond. The plot line is feel unpredictable and new. The heroine deciding that both male characters go out with her for a meal and she ends up with a rash from an allergic reaction to shellfish. I can't reveal every thing: that would spoil it. Then there the's mystery of who is the corporate spy. The ending is as well awesome. This is a story that you should definitely read.

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