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Pure Romance SISTER SWAP

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Roxanna’s twin sister is an excellent horticulturist; however, as soon as she accepted this large project, she fell gravely ill. SoRoxanna agrees to take on the project to save her sister’s career. With a strong determination, she takes off for Italy, where she must finish restoring an old rose garden. But Gino, the client and head of the Di Bartoli family, believes that Roxanna’s sister seduced his brother. Can Roxanna weather his interrogation without giving herself away?

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sisters before misters 4  4

This story was fine. I liked that the heroine was trying to protect her sister from her harasser of an employer. The heroine meets the brother who is the hero of the harasser along with his daughter who draws on a airplane poster with a marker. If it were me, I would have scolded the child right there and then. I did agree that the hero said that the heroine was spoiling the child because the child runs around while eating, throws tantrums at time outs, and more. It wasn't till I realized later why and boy was I mad. The heroine does her best, she tells the harasser through phone to beat it. There is some tension between the two till the air on the heroine's identity is cleared. I liked that the hero didn't immediately fire her and learned from his jerk of a brother that he planned to make the sister of the heroine his mistress after his wedding. What a jerk. Both the hero and heroine have lost from sad marriages, the hero losing his wife and the heroine divorcing from a horrible husband. The hero's sister-in-law comes in and even though she is married, she acts all clingy with the hero. Then the heroine catches the sister-in-law shouting at the child for cutting the ends of her dress. I know that what the child did wasn't good and that earns a time out but screaming and shouting at a child is not good either. You have to have a firm voice, look in the eye, and tell them that what they did is not good and why. I understood of why the heroine didn't tell the hero after he found them because she wasn't sure but I would have done more investigating. The sister-in-law is so horrible, she actually suggests having an affair with the hero. I was so glad that the hero rejects the woman and defends the heroine from his perverted brother. The next thing I couldn't believe is the sister-in-law hitting the child. That just went too far. If someone is going to discipline a child, old school spankings on the behind are all right but only if its your own child. Even then, parents shouldn't smack their children across the face. It makes sense of why the child has been acting this way since the hero admitted that the woman has been taking care of the child since the death of her sister. I was so glad that the hero threw that woman out of his house quickly. I love how the ending went, it was so sweet.

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