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Second Lieutenant Alyssa Trayhern is in the Air Force, trying her best to fight off the stigma that comes with having a brother who seems to have deserted his men, leading to the death of all but one on a mission. When she's forced to work with First Lieutenant Clay Cantrell, she has to either deal with constant harassment or desert her work herself. Can Alyssa mend both her brother's reputation and Clay's heart so she can fly safely?

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don't put the blame on someone for someone else 3  3

I get that when someone is in pain, they want to take their anger and hate out on something. However, the hero was being an unreasonable jerk. The hero puts all his hate and anger onto the heroine because her brother was branded as a traitor for abandoning his men to the enemy. The heroine stands her ground against the hero in defense for her brother. I really liked this hero a lot. She is a woman who working hard to be a co pilot in the army. The fact that she is getting heat from other military men on being the sister of a traitor makes it hard for her. I love her strength and determination to follow her dream. The hero had no right to treat the heroine like that because it wasn't her who abandoned those men, being that one of the men was the hero's brother. The hero just harasses her everyday. It's horrible. I loved that the heroine gave him a good slap for a disgusting comment towards the heroine. I do love that the heroine stands up for the hero, it just shows how amazing she is. Everything starts to get a little bit better till the hero brings up a snide comment about comparing the heroine to her brother. Seriously?! She is her brother, you idiot! The hero is found drunk and the manager calls the heroine who picks him up, so he won't get caught and get into trouble. The heroine is kind too. The hero and heroine start to share a special moment because the hero realizes that he didn't know that he upset her so much. Wow, really. By that time, both of them have fallen for each, but they don't want to tell the other because of how the other has been reacting to him and what the other person thinks of them. Then the hero, heroine, and friend get stranded after their plane crashes from enemy fire. They make it to land but they have to cross a desert to get help but they need to leave behind their friend, which ensures some tension between hero and heroine because the heroine doesn't want to leave the friend because that would mean she is abandoning her friend like her brother and some things are said. The hero finally realizes of how blind he has been. The friend does convince the heroine to go with hero so he can be safe. The heroine follows behind and their journey together opens up some of their past. It was good to see that there was less insulting and more communicating. Then the hero gets hurt in a really bad way, which gets the heroine to take some desperate measures. I love the ending but it seemed a bit rushed to me then when someone has just come back from the brink of death then they do have a right to rush a bit.

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