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Kelly works as a nanny for a lovely family, and when they go on vacation, she gets a bit of time to herself at their house in Italy. Her relaxation time by herself is cut short, however, when a stranger walks up to her with a tire iron. Is he a criminal, a sailor or someone else? Turns out Kelly will have to quickly learn the life of royalty, because he’s Count Gianfranco Maldini!

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editor's comment - January 13th, 2017

Hero who starts off as a jerk happened to be from a royal family . A modern cinderella story with cute bickering and jealousy.

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why?-can't give zero stars 1  1

Why? Why did I spend money on this book? It reminds me of a bad blind date, when you're trying to be polite to the other party ( the book) but you really just want to leave before you get to the end. There was just so much miscommunication, OW (hero's mom and mentally ill sister-in-law), idiot hero and heroine. I mean there were some major points in the story that burned my beans. To me, the heroine felt like she could been a great adult but I kept seeing her act like a child. I get that hormones and stress are on a woman but it isn't hard to sit down with a paper and pencil; write down your feelings towards someone or something then make a list of solutions to the solving the problem. I mean, she holds back from telling the hero that his party week (taking only his mother & the sister) that her birthday is during that week. Then she doesn't tell the hero of how she feels in words during her cold treatment of the fact that the people who decorated the nursery was the hero.....and the sister-in-law who has been quietly harassing the heroine since day one. Next, the hero couldn't say or do anything right. I mean seriously, it was as if he was trying to bury any spark of bond between the heroine and himself. First, I give three exceptions to men who leave the women who are heavily pregnant with their child: 1) they have to go out of town for work be it military or other. 2) a friend or family member has been seriously injured-hospitalized and the hero needs to go help them. 3) their religion needs their assistance at the church, temple, mosque or where ever. The exception doesn't extend to a man who doesn't even think to ask the heroine if she feels alright with him leaving her alone to party. I don't know how a major head of society and business could forget four numbers related to the woman he's married and has most likely seen by the documents of his marriage to her that would be legalized by country and church!! Then what really ticks me off was the hero's treatment to the heroine after she gives birth. According to the hero who tells this to the heroine three years after she ran away that when the hero came from the party to see the heroine had already given birth, expresses his happiness and then is pulled aside by the doctor. I was happy that the doctor did this; the doctor "scolded" the hero by saying, "the heroine could have died", pouring the cold water of reality over his head. Now, you would think that the hero after learning this precious piece of information, he would be more attentive, holding the heroine's hand, and smiling at her............Yes? NO!!!!! The minute, they walk out of that hospital, he's acting like a spoiled child on the time out chair. He ignores the heroine, hands tucked away, and scowls. I'm sorry but did you not get what the doctor was trying to tell you???? The things that I just listed were only some of the major points that lost my interest and don't get me started on the details. Not even this book's ending brought a smile to my face because of the many issues left unresolved!! If you want to read a bad romance with too unresolved issues then read this book but if not then don't rent or buy.

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