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“You’re telling me to vow my eternal love to someone whose name I don’t even know?” Louise, a wholesome girl working in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas, has found herself in a dire situation. She’s on the run from a mafioso after accidentally swallowing a diamond worth millions. If they catch her, it’s off to the chapel and then the operating table for her. But Louise refuses to become the bride of a criminal. Donning a wedding dress, she escapes her captor’s car and bumps into a man on his way back from a friend’s wedding. Without a moment to spare, the two make for the nearest chapel to hide from Louise’s pursuers!

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Suspense with comedy 5  5

I am not going to lie, this was one of the funny harlequin comics that I enjoyed immensely. The first thing was that the setting wasn't in Europe but in Las Vegas, U.S.A. I loved the change of scenery as well as the first meeting of the hero and heroine. They literally run into each other in wedding outfits. The hero leaving a traditional Las Vegas wedding at the chapel and the heroine running from the chapel in a wedding dress. Her reason: to get away from a childhood forcing her to marry him, so he can have a legal say in making her get a surgical operation. Why? The bad childhood friend wanted her to smuggle diamonds, she said no, a dog startled her, and she swallowed one of the diamonds. It give the author major brownie points for this book. It's so funny because the hero helps her escape by performing a fake marriage ceremony using another couple's application form. Hahahahahaha, I love it. I can't forget the side character of the heroine's grandfather, he's so cute. Then where is a car chase with a pink, blinking tombstone. It's hilarious. I also love the jobs of the hero and heroine: hero is a Los Angeles acting teacher and the heroine is a masseur. Then there's sneaking into the bad casino. It's a book worth reading.

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