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Pure Romance BRANDED

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On the night of her sixteenth birthday, Ashley resolved to profess her love to Jake, a man eight years her senior who had always treated her like a younger sister. Ashley was confident that he would return her feelings. After all, she's been the one closest to him all these years. However, after she suddenly locks lips with Jake, he forcefully pushes her away in a storm of confusion. Nine years later, Ashley receives an unexpected call from Jake late one night, with an even more unforeseen request. How dare he come to her for help after trampling all over her heart! But in the end, Ashley can't help but come to her love's aid...

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Pages 128 Pages
editor's comment - August 19th, 2016

I would say Hero had pretty bad taste in woman but if it wasn't for his first wife, he and heroine might never meet again.

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not for me 2  2

This story was difficult to read. I didn't particularly care for it. They said Jake, the male lead was awkward with words, but in fact the whole manga was awkward period. The art is really proportionally off at times especially the lead female's upper body. The lead male doesn't once say he loves the lead female who has been pushing herself on him since she was a child. The lead male's reasons for asking to marry her really rubbed me the wrong way and there are many other issues I had. Most of them are small issues. But they do add up. This manga is not that bad don't get me wrong... it's just not for me.

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