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Phelix was forced to get married at the age of 18 because of her tyrant father. She met her husband-to-be, Nathan Mallory, for the first time at the registrar. He was 10 years older than her, tall and sophisticated, and she soon fell in love. But what awaited them after getting married was a cruel betrayal by her father, and she still remembers the stormy night when her father raped her mother! The man’s cruel acts continue to haunt her, threatening to destroy her own marriage…

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it's more of a happy beginning 4  4

I didn't feel like this story had a happy ending but more of a happy beginning towards the end because the hero and heroine married at the order of the heroine's father who was just a black hearted scoundrel who was trying to steal his daughter's own inheritance that her grandfather left her. Apparently, the heroine couldn't touch the inheritance till she was 25 but if she got married then she could have 10% of it but if she got divorced, the inheritance would go to her father. The heroine's father is dangling money in front of the hero who's trying to save his family's company. There were a few things that concerned was the fact that the heroine wasn't going to college because her father forbid it and she was 18 when both the hero and her got married. This was set in England and she should have been considered an adult who could have made her own choices. So, she could have applied for scholarships to fund her way through college. Why didn't she think of that or at least go to her finishing school where there would have been teachers to help her? Either way, the hero and hero got married on the spot and would have had it last one day had the hero and heroine not learned the father wasn't going to give the hero a penny. The hero is a gentleman to the heroine but won't divorce her as a way to spite the father and the heroine agrees with him. The ironic thing is that it worked in their favor. After that, 6 six years past, the two find each other and start to reconnect. The plot line of the book reminded me of a budding flower romance than a full bloom romance. It was something I felt fine with.

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