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Beth's stepbrother drags her to a party where she meets Italian billionaire Dexter Giordanni and falls in love at first sight. Dex has built a business empire in only ten years, and he's flawlessly attractive... How could a man like that be interested in plain old Beth? Though she has her doubts, Beth finds herself entwined by his straightforward confession of love and a possessive kiss. After spending an intimate week together, Beth happily accepts his proposal. But in the shadows, Dex is wearing a bold sneer. His gaze is like that of a predator that has captured its prey, and there is a dangerous truth hidden in the depths of his eyes.

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Ohhhhhh. It was A MAY ZING! 5  5

Spoiler Alert: Don't read after the "red light" sentence.... Finally. This was very guy wants to protect those he loves no matter what. She wants to fall in love but is not a flirt. Dex is the rich guy who shows interest in Beth. But I thought the whole proposing in just in week of meeting was a red light. The scenes of him secretly smirking and taking off her scarf in the car... he obviously has another agenda planned. Beth is on cloud nine now that she is engaged to a man who loves her but an encounter with Paul seems to be more than it seems. She finds out that Dex was never going to marry her and was doing it all because he thought she was a gold-digging mistress and was getting in the way of his sister's happiness. They get into an argument later that night at Beth's place which leads to him forcing himself on her only to find out she's a virgin. Now usually the guy would be shown as regretting what he just did but NOOOOOO he was all "you enjoyed that". I was so glad she kicked him out, cuts off all ties with him and goes back to her normal life. Until he shows up at her halloween party. He starts blackmailing her using her newly engaged step-brother's promotion on the line. Gives her a deadline to give him an answer by tomorrow morning. Luckily she overslept and back to normal life again. Beth gets an invite to her godfather's wedding and the bride is none other than Dex's sister. She goes to the wedding location and finally tells Dex what her relationship is with Paul. To be honest he should have at least done the norm and had her background checked. He has the money for that! I'm so glad she still hates him for what he's done to her and everyone else she cares about. Good for her. Anyway I won't say how it ends but I was really happy about it. Obviously there's a lot of scenes from the novel missing so I am definitely going to read it original.

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