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Passion Romance KISSING CARLA

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Carla arrives in Cornwall excited by her new post—teaching at a summer school. However, a chance meeting with a certain Jedd Hunter throws her backward,two years into her past! Her ex-boyfriend'’s cousin assumed Carla was a gold digger and treated her with scorn, but Jedd was also the one who saved her when she nearly drowned in a storm. He gently held her as she panicked, and they shared a passionate kiss. What was that kiss? Carla is unable to hide her confusion when she sees Jedd again…

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interesting 4  4

I decided to read this book based off of Casandra's review. It was a very interesting story to begin with because it keeps the reader guessing on certain things like why the heroine had to go into PR or the hero's more than obvious (I dislike the gold digger) attitude towards the heroine. We thinks that it's the usual tragic past of being burned by a woman but it turns out to be the opposite. To phrase the beginning quickly, the heroine returns to a place where she went with her last boyfriend, whose inhabitants is the bitter hero. The bitter makes snide comments about her working as a summer temp for kids like it's something below her attention value. She goes to see the kind and bedridden uncle but after their happy reunion, the hero spews more fire and brimstone on the heroine wanting to get more of the inheritance. He's not the only one with his head on the inheritance, the ex-boyfriend wants a piece of the pie and tries to get the heroine involved in some little scam. The heroine is smart enough to say no-go on the whole deal. We get a couple of flashbacks on the hero and heroine's past relationship like getting caught up in a storm that lets their passion of a fiery kiss surface. Although, we don't have to worry because the downpour of more of the hero's negativity cools the both of them off really quick. We do get to see the hero's view, which is nice but only for half of the time, it's mostly seen by the heroine. Another thing that I like is that this woman is smart because she hears one thing but before she makes a decision she decides to wait and figure out both sides to the situation. This is something that the stupid hero should have done: did you know that the hero opened a detective agency? He has resources at his fingertips that would have explained why the heroine quit her teacher's job and went into PR like recent family tragedies ( the heroine's mother died & she could find the drive to teach, so friend gets her a PR job). At, he can admit that he was wrong about the heroine. Then the children are brought over and the hero attempts to let the heroine guard down and she reveals it all like her mother's death. Then for the first time, the hero gives the heroine an honest compliment about her appearance. Then the heroine finally lets the hero have it with a review of his attitude towards her since two years and I felt satisfied with this rant. And the Hero actually apologizes with the "I'm sorry.". Then, we find out why the hero treated the heroine with such disdain: the ex-boyfriend called her a gold digger to the hero before they even met, saying that she was the reason why he was all bankrupt. However, to surprise you, it also because he dated another woman who took his money. In the end, the hero proposed to the heroine and it was a happily ever after.

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Good Love story. 4  4

I really enjoyed this story. The only qualm about it is in the beginning the female lead said going to the island was perfect to forget her past. Yet she knew well that the island was where the people from her past were. so it made no sense, other than that though it was a sweet love story.

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