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One day, Lucy visits Lorenzo, head of the Zanelli Merchant Bank, in order to save her late brother’s company from collapse. However, due to a dreadful incident in the past that left Lorenzo with an undying resentment for Lucy’s brother, he refuses to listen to her pleas. At her wit’s end, Lucy says she’ll do anything to save the company. Lorenzo isn’t about to let that statement slide. After a forceful kiss, Lorenzo lures Lucy into a devious contract—now he’ll have his revenge!

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She gives in on day 2 and wonders why he called her a 'bargain' hoo kaay 3  3

The story had a promising plot but it switch to the typical black mail contract mistress type soon after. Wish they gave the clearing of the brother's innocence more spotlight because it would have been more touching and will guilt this Lorenzo jerk so much. I didnt like Lucy. She borderline bipolar with her weak resolve. One moment she wants to be strong and be all, I can do this on my own and then she flips as he simply he puts his face 2 inches apart from hers and huh what? -- forgets everything. She sleeps with him after hearing him say I want you so badly.. Erm, gurl... and you expect him to think highly of you? And dont even get me started on this jerk Lorenzo.. really dude? Cant you hire a detective to investigate instead of just staring at some photo and making your own conclusion? And LOL at the doctor blabbing patient confidential information like he's just chatting with the neighbour about the CNN headline last night. So professional.

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