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Abby stood in front of the battered house with a feeling of dread gnawing at her stomach. Despite the horoscope claiming today was a lucky day for a Pisces like her and the synergy of the name Capricorn House, she couldn'’t shake her foreboding. She expected the owner to meet her, but no one was waiting. Overcoming her shyness, Abby approached the rugged workman on the building’s grounds. His answer gave her quite a shock. Narrowing his blue eyes, the man informed her he was the owner and, worse, that he knew nothing about a new tenant. She’d been conned!

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Moving Forward 5  5

Harlequin books have used the teem of moving forward in their guilt-written heroes/heroines. And in Business in the Bedroom is shown to be an excellent example. The hero & heroine meet due to a scam run on the heroine for the hero's house. I was a bit shocked that the heroine paid in cash for a home that she was only seen online; but everyone has their mistakes. This is another that I like about both characters. Heroine staying strong after finding out that her lengthy trip from Canada to Australia was ruined. The hero is sympathetic, doesn't criticize her mistake, and gives her his business car in case there's anything that he can help with. Note, that I do like that we see both the hero & heroine's thoughts, so it makes it easier to sympathize with the two of them. Next, the heroine sheds some tears & who wouldn't in that situation, however, she swallows her pity and starts making plans to counteract the situation. They meet again after the hero's godson's baptism. It's easy to see that the two of them are attracted to each other. They have dinner, which is where the hero brings up a job opportunity for the heroine to earn money. What i also liked is that when the hero find out about the heroine's current living conditions; he provides her with living quarters with little to no charge. It was quite chivalrous of him. After this, the main straggly in the story appears: the hero's guilt over his wife's death. He's falling in love with the heroine but the circumstances over his wife's death have made believe that he shouldn't love because he's not worthy. This way of thinking has him pull back from the heroine when he's about to step up, and these actions confuse the heroine. As go further into the story, we discover what happened to the hero and his first marriage. When the hero and heroine were first married, they had the dream of being together forever but obstacles popped up like the hero suddenly becoming the CEO of 2 companies & his first wife making her way in her field. Basically, they started spending less & less time together. Their relationship was strained by them, meaning not only the hero but also the wife. Plus, it wasn't the hero who was cheating. The circumstances of her death was that when the hero went to see her and confront her about their relationship but she was inebriated, so before the hero could grab her, she rushed into a car and drove off. It was his fault that she showed up and and made decisions. When the hero is able to get over this trauma, he does the best way of moving forward gesture to the heroine and I must say that it was really adorable. I really did like this book.

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