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Samantha fell in love with Matthew when in university. However Matt had broken Samantha’s heart once.―9 year later, Samantha became a successful career girl. She met Matt again when attending a conference in New York. Would Samantha fall in love with Matt, who is now a CEO in successful cooperation again?

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2.5; Telephone, telephone 3  3

If you have ever heart of the game telephone , telephone then you know how it goes. Well, this is what the story felt like it was the couple communicating over the telephone over the telephone. They missed the message from each literally and metaphorically. Whenever, the hero said one thing to the heroine over the phone, the heroine would misinterpret the other way. The heroine wouldn't answer the hero's calls when he was trying to reach the hero's calls when he was trying to reach her. There were also gaps: 1) how did the heroine's sister get the hero's number after he was informed of the heroine's pregnancy. It's ironic that the hero learned of the heroine's pregnancy by the telephone's answering machine. The 2nd thing is that with all this miscommunication, I didn't feel the love that would stabilize a marriage. The 3rd thing, how could the heroine not hear of the rumors, surely someone would have told her before and after the hero's leave. The 4th thing, is that the hero who is an intelligent man suddenly wants to jump straight into bed with the heroine. Not to mention that the heroine basically suddenly quits her job without giving the company a notice and when she knows that she is pregnant. That is not smart. The few redeeming features that I found were the hero not judging the paternity of the heroine's unborn child. The heroine gives a great description of what marriage is, "You can't get married just because you're pregnant. Marriage is an important choice that should be made by the heart," Plus, the end felt so rushed, I feel like I missed the growth of a happy relationship.

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