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Max Quintao, hailed by the gossip magazines and high society as “the world’s sexiest man,” happens to be Sophie'’s boss. When Max invites her to dinner and plies her with all his charms, Sophie falls in love with him and, believing him to be “the one,” she gives up her virginity to him… But the next morning she overhears Max and his stepsister discussing their cruel scheme—they’ll hide their illicit affair by using Sophie as a cover! Of course, she leaves Max after that. But four years later, with her father deep in debt to Max, poor Sophie is blackmailed into being his mistress…

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The jerk and the clown lady. 3  3

Wow what a way to start off a manga a color image of a naked man. The color page didn't look right. I can't place what about the man looked off but the big image of the male lead on the bottom of the page just looked like something wasn't quite right. Maybe his head was too small? Though they do a better job with him in the regular black and white pages (art wise). In the Black and white pages the only issue with the male lead artistically is that his hands are disproportionately huge (hands are hard to draw though so I understand). My only other big issue with the art is the clown lady. Why would they do that? The clown woman was made to be so horribly ugly that it's shocking. (Actually, I thought it was a man with lipstick and a curly wig at first). However, it's not like the artist was incapable of making a good looking woman. They made the female lead beautiful. It just stood out and didn't look very flattering. Anyways, so about the story, it was okay. Lots of drama built on a misunderstanding as usual. The lead male was a complete Jerk. However, the lead female really didn't even try to tell him anything so although I dislike him for the way he treated the lead female she really didn't make any attempt to tell him the truth writing it off as something he wouldn't believe even without trying. Both made dumb assumptions and pain for both of them was the result. It's not really a story theme I enjoy much but it's not like I hated this one. Overall I'd say this harlequin would place somewhere in the average range out of all the ones I've read.

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