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Three years ago, Keisha ran away from a loveless marriage to Hunter, a businessman more devoted to making money than making his new wife happy. When he saw her in the arms of another man, he dedicated his life to destroying any happiness that she still had. Now she has lost her mother and is in need of a job. Hunter might just have the right position for her, but will it end up destroying her in the end?

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revenge turned love 4  4

In this story, the couple is stupid. The heroine gets married at the age of nineteen thinking all is honey and sweet but marriage hasn't been that great because the hero comes home late, smells like women's perfume, etc. So, the heroine leaves and the hero doesn't chase after but the heroine suffers a miscarriage even though she called him before and after the incident but he doesn't come. The hero thinks that the heroine was having an affair during their marriage but in actuality, it was the heroine's cousin. Here is what I don't get: even if you get married, the woman doesn't have to quit her job, I mean seriously, if you are working at your husband's job and you want to "your" way up then go get a new job. Don't assume the traditional stay at home. They meet again after 3 years and the hero plans to get the heroine as a way of revenge by giving her a job. Then they start finding out about each other like how two woman were getting in the way of mending their relationship from three years ago (OW and heroine's mother). The heroine has kept secret from the hero that she suffered a miscarriage and nearly lost her life. I loved the hero's reaction when he found that out. We find out that they're not bad people, just a little naive and stupid on working the whole marriage thing. That is why I recommend marriage counsel before and after marriage. The ending was great, I loved how the heroine handled the OW and the ending had cute babies. It was a good story.

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