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Nellie has had a crush on her coworker Kent ever since she started working at the company. But Kent thinks of her as a little sister. While Nellie secretly hopes that her feelings will be reciprocated, she learns that he’s being promoted to a spot at the international branch of the company. In a mere two weeks, no less! Having spent a year unable to attract Kent’s attention, Nellie decides to do away with her introverted self and formulate a last-ditch plan to marry her dreamboat!

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4  4

A lot of ups and downs. The hero's character is very refreshing, very different from the usually, handsome billionaire playboy, we see all the time on harlequins. He's a normal guy (yet very good looking) who has a big ambition in life. The heroine is a plain woman who just wants for her crush to notice her. She gambled with what she did but it did get the hero's attention. I like the fact that after all the hurtful things that was said to her by the hero. She stood her ground and didn't melt right away, back to the hero's arms. This story is just lovely, I recommend it. If you're looking for something different. The hero in the story ended up running after her the way that she ran after him before. It's just refreshing for the guy to give more than the usually in stories like this.

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Lovable sweet romance 4  4

This story resonates with most of us - that crush we like and want to get close to. Nellie is just like us, a girl with a crush on a handsome colleague. She tries attracting his attention by reading a book. Things go seemingly well, till her conscience makes her confess. Kent is furious at first. Then he realises he really does love her and uses some of the same tricks she did to attract her attention this time. This book shows more of the hero's POV and showed when he regretted his actions. He wasn't your typical arrogant male and I appreciated that. It reminded me more of the mangas I normally read as well. If you're looking for a feel good book that has the right doses of girl chasing boy, boy chasing girl and a happy ever after, this is for you!

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