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Laura, a young woman who is skilled at cooking, plans on celebrating Mother’s Day alone with her family. However, her father, who rose to prominence as a cold-blooded accountant with shady ethics, brings one more man to the table. Thinking that the guest would be just as cold as her father, Laura is surprised to find herself attracted to Jake at first sight. Before she knows it, she ends up sharing a kiss with him in the garden, and innocent Laura falls head over heels for him! However, Jake has ulterior motives, and on their next date something happens that she could never have anticipated!

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Terrible selfish leads. 1  1

I cant believe the audacity of the two leads and how selfish they both are. The girl is such an ungrateful daughter and the guy is a total jerk. He wants revenge on her father and even knowing it will hurt her he still went on and had a secret relationship with her while trying to find a way to ruin her family. Good job jerk. Now I get the whole bankruptcy deal was shady but its purely business and yes hes vindictive but he is still her father! It was so annoying too how shes all, no i wont do as my father wanted..but come to think of it, her father wanted her to meet a "great guy" ..not like hes trying to sell her off to some old creepy guy.. but she still complains eventhough she really wants to date him. shes so annoying. Now what i hate the most was the fact that instead of worrying about the scandal, the BETRAYAL ,the pain and how her father is going to end up in prison...she was more like Oh yeah NO IM GOOD. its ok hes bad..but we can hook up after right and be together forever? I kid you not thats what she said! I hate her. And I hate him. and in the end..theyre all.. now can be be together yay us. Jerks! brats.. ugh

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