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When Nurse Nat sees Julian at the hospital, she sympathizes with him—such a small child to have such a dark shadow cast upon him. Then Alessandro, Julian’s father and a new doctor at the hospital, comes to pick his son up. He is so handsome and sexy that Nat falls for him instantly, but like the shadow in Julian’s eyes, a darkness is cast on her love…

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Opening up 5  5

I liked this story because of the heroine helping the hero and his little boy find their way back to each other. The hero is a doctor, while the heroine is a nurse. I know that it's a typical story but a sweet one, nevertheless. The heroine finds that the little boy is silent, shy, and unresponsive to his father. The father, the hero isn't so shy but bears a sadness because he blames himself for his wife's death. It isn't because he loved her but the fact that she was his son's mother and getting angry at her for wanting to take his son away from him was the straw that broke the camel's back. I like that the heroine finds different ways to bring the son and father closer together like reading to his son and just loving him, forms a bond. The hero and the heroine also start to form a bond until the heroine finds the mother's picture, who looks similar to the heroine. This causes the heroine pain because she now thinks that the hero was only with her for her looks and won't listen to what the hero has to say. Then, they have to spend a week together because they might have contracted some sort of virus and the heroine does. The hero and the little boy then come and nurse her back to health. It was really a sweet gesture. The heroine then learns that the hero and his first-wife only got married because she got pregnant because she did it on purpose so she could be the wife of a surgeon. The ending is really nice and it was a good book to read.

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