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Along with her mother, who was mistress to a Greek millionaire, Louise often visited a mansion on a small island in the Aegean Sea during her adolescence. She developed feelings for the millionaire's son, Dimitri…but at the time, she couldn't pursue the devilish man who despised her mother and thought of her as a harlot. But when Louise was nineteen, this man she had never once spoken to before whispered sweet nothings to her and stole her body and heart away. "He used you to get revenge on me!" her mother had insisted. It's been seven years since then, and now Louise has to see Dimitri once more…

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In many harlequins, authors follow a certain theme from a quiet romance to secret babies, however, I have never felt one feel so similar to the other, where I'm having deja'vu from reading the words in the air pockets. It was the same of where the hero and heroine met because their parents (heroine's mom & hero's dad are sleeping together.) Until the heroine is in college, they don't get together and have sex.) Then the heroine's mother catches them in bed and hell and high water sets forth. The heroine's mother tells the heroine that the hero only did with it in order to get revenge on the mother for ruining his parent's marriage and the hero agrees. He leaves the heroine and the heroine goes back to her university and finds out about her impending pregnancy. She tries to contact the hero but to no avail and by the time he does contact her, she had already suffered a miscarriage and gotten about of her depressive state. We fast forward seven years and the heroine is pulling the same carrot over the hero (If you want this, then you have to pay me). Why? Same thing: it's for her mother's life-saving surgery. It was a good book but the plot was so similar that I was wondering why I bought it.

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