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It’s understandable if Molly hates millionaires—when she was younger, a star named Francesco used her and threw her away when he was done. Since then she has tried to keep her distance from the world of fame and fortune, but now George, a millionaire who is developing a new line of eco-friendly cars, has taken a liking to her work in PR. When he goes to her workplace to hire her for the job, Molly refuses his offer before storming off. He gives chase, and when he finds her, he puts on a sexy smile to make her an offer she never expected!

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editor's comment - September 13th, 2016

A story between a career woman and a playboy.
George seems to be a guy who doesn't even know how to manage his time, however his charms became obvious as the story goes!
His words are pretty wise and hit heroine's heart right on. I love how Molly appears to be tough is actually timid.

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Waste of time 1  1

I found the storyline very stupid. I get that some rich people are selfish jerk, but that doesnt mean its right to stereotype everyone. The heroine is so unprofessional and very judgemental. She just runaway whenever thing doesnt go her way, just like with her last boyfriend or should i say crush. And i didnt see what connection between new arising actor with rich people. The whole theme is just nonsense, including those ecofriendly car fueled by sugar cane. Im sure there are lots more corn plantation than sugar cane. Besides, the only reason why the heroine ends up with the hero is because he doesnt leave her. I mean he did exactly what a rich people would do which supposed to be what she hated. Sorry for the long ranting, its just this story is so not worth it.

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Irritating 2  2

I found the female lead really annoying and immature.

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