Pure Romance A GIRL TO LOVE

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Sadie was left all alone in the world after Grannydied. On top of dealing with her grandmother’s death, she must sell the house she grew up in to pay off the mortgage. Luckily a buyer shows up in no time, and Sadie is even hired by the new owner as a housekeeper and allowed to continue living in the house. But it is too soon to celebrate—the new owner shows up a few days later, throwing Sadie into a pit of insecurity. This tall, rich, attractive man had assumed Sadie was older. He is sick of women trying to take advantage of him, and he fears the youthful Sadie will be no different. Will these two be able to live under the same roof together?

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editor's comment - January 6th, 2017

I like heroine in this comic, she looks plain but attractrive. Hero seems to be a good dad too and their interactions with the kids are so heartwarming.

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a bit too sweet 3.5 4  4

I do like the heroines who are sweet and kind, plus I was expecting this type of personality from Betty Neels. Yet, the heroine was way too soft. I mean, against the OW because she is supposed to be the governess but she won't even let the children go outside to play in the snow and expects the heroine to do the work she is supposed to do. I understand that the hero is still grieving from the loss of his wife but how did he let such a spiteful and mean woman near his little girls. I was so glad when he fired her. Even after the OW is fired, the heroine gives her the christmas present that she made. I like the plot throughout the book of how the heroine grows closer and closer to the family both in a group and individually. It's sweet of how it goes with the ending but there were some parts that could have done with a little spice. It's really a nice book to read if you like the really sweet heroines.

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