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Life could not be more difficult for actress Cairo Vaughn. Both of her parents have recently passed away, and she has just gone through a very public divorce from her famous director ex-husband, Lionel Bond. Now her close friend Margo is ill and carrying a child. In order to clear her head, Margo offers Cairo a trip to her friend’s villa. It turns out this friend is none other than Rafe Montero, a famous actor turned director and Cairo’s old lover. The flames of their love are rekindling, but can they dodge the paparazzi long enough to make it happen?

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It was okay-The OM 3  3

The heroine and the hero were once dating when they were younger, the heroine was a becoming actress and the hero was an up and coming movie producer. They fell love in what seemed to be love till the heroine knocked on the hero's door to find the main actress of the movie that they were currently doing with little to wear and a whole lot of hickies, claiming that the hero is sleeping and tired. Distraught by this proclamation, the heroine runs off and sends a good-bye message to the hero. Now, I understand that no woman wants to hear from gorgeous woman that her man is sleeping around with the GW. However, if it were me, I would have barged in that room to beat the cheater with whatever was in my hand be it my purse or a harlequin book. Moving on, the heroine marries an older man who "comforts" her in her distress. The two of them marry and after a couple of years, they get a divorce from the fact that the older man is a cheater as well. The heroine meets up with an old friend who asks her to take care of her daughter, while she rests in the hospital in preparation of her new baby's arrival. This is where the hero and heroine reunite because the their friends are the daughter's parents. This is what I like in the book is how they learn to connect by taking care of their friend's little girl, who is just an angel in manners. They go through a lot of obstacles in the journey and are able to reconnect. We only later learn that the GW lied about being with the hero and he wasn't even in the room when the GW and the heroine was there. In fact, he was at jewelry, buying a ring. The only reason why the GW did it was because the older man blackmailed the GW with losing her part if she didn't do what he said. It was an okay romance.

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