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It’s the nineteenth century, France is in turmoil and Marguerite, the daughter of the Marquis of Gerbeaux, is working as a weaver to hide her noble lineage from Napoleon’s men. Her business takes her to the Port of Marseilles, where she meets a yo... See More

editor's comment

A historical romance, nice costumes taste, with a thrilling start. I like how the comic artist potray the expression of heroine, a brave witty young woman.


With grim determination, Bryn steps into the gallery Archangel. After graduating from an arts university, Bryn has barely managed to make a living because her paintings keep getting turned down one after another by the galleries she’s approached. ... See More

editor's comment

It is sad to see that heroine has to suffer due to a mistake her father made and has to live with it. It is upsetting to see Heroine having to live as someone else and hide her past just so she could get happiness.


Physiotherapist Stephanie has a new job, which turns out to be a request from a millionaire to help his younger brother, who is unable to walk. She never could have guessed that the millionaire is one of her favorite actors—he’s Jordan Simpson! Af... See More

editor's comment

Hero looks shabby and appearance of heroine definitely give him a reason to stop pouting and move on. It is obvious that he still has his confidence in him, he just need a push. It supposed to be professional but that kiss changed everything to so personal.


Restaurant owner Winona blushes at the burning stare from her handsome customer. It may be an old-fashioned idea, but Winona has decided she won’t cross the line with any man unless he intends marriage. Her customer’s name is Connor and he’s a det... See More

editor's comment

I like the style of heroine in this comic. Beautiful body line and wavy hair, indeed a devil in an old-fashioned dress. Hero suppose to be seducing her only for information but obviously there is something else.

THE RAMIREZ BRIDE UPDATE : February 9th, 2018

Nick Ramirez built his massive wealth in a single generation and is dead set against marriage. He is an arrogant but handsome man who insists marriage is an act of folly that reduces one’s assets. Tess was determined to keep her relationship with ... See More

editor's comment

Hero is this comic has a really fierce and arrogant look but the fact that he is actually a soft person within.

THE HEIRESS BRIDE UPDATE : January 26th, 2018

"I found a husband for you. Get married within two weeks!" Ione was astonished by this demand from her Greek tycoon stepfather. Without considering her feelings, he wants to pass on his business to Alexio, a successful businessman from a prestigio... See More

editor's comment

Heroine with abusive dad, I am glad hero really cares for her. Good to see how heroine walks out her terrible family and found happiness.


With her sharp sense of humor, Heather provides relationship counseling via her call-in radio program. One day when her program gets the top rating of the week, ousting Bud from the top slot, he approaches her with an unbelievable bet. He says tha... See More

editor's comment

I like how different hero looks at work and during his private time. Just thought it isn't kind to bet on someone's feeling.


During her spring break, Isabella, a college student from the United States, visited Rome. There she met Antonio when she asked him for directions. Attracted to each other like magnets, they started dating after spending the night together. But th... See More

editor's comment

Hero frustration is understandable, he must be so hurt by his love ones but I like how he tried to keep his calm.


Aimée was about to be sold by her father. Fearing she will become a plaything for some repulsive nobleman, she runs away, escaping from London to Yorkshire. With a job as a governess, she has a fleeting dream of a steady life. But her new employer... See More

editor's comment

I love the beautiful drawing of this comic. Poor heroine with such evil father but so glad she was sold to a nice employer .

CHANCE MEETING UPDATE : December 29th, 2017

Sharon has a terrible fall in the middle of the street and she is saved by a gentleman wearing a high-end suit. She thinks she will never see him again, but he comes to pick her up in his expensive car the very next day! Sharon promises herself no... See More

editor's comment

It all happened too fast and just as you thought heroine met a handsome and rich guy and married the next moment, it is just the beginning of her misery.

A LESSON IN SEDUCTION UPDATE : December 22nd, 2017

Roz, a famous actress, is caught in a scandal involving a stalker she’s never met before. Roz’s family, who sense her distress, coordinate a getaway trip and send her to the tropical island of Tioman in the South Pacific. But there Roz finds herse... See More

editor's comment

Heroine met hero during her getaway trip and it is adorable to see how they bicker over small stuff. A bit of comical touch in the drawing.

DEFYING DRAKON UPDATE : December 15th, 2017

Six months after the death of Gemini’s father, his second wife was trying to sell his historic mansion in London. Determined to stop the planned “reconstruction” of the house, Gemini, the owner of a small flower shop, courageously faces Drakon, th... See More

editor's comment

A modern cinderella story with evil stepmother and finally a prince charming to protect her. I like how Heroine tried to act strong to fight for her rights.


Alessandra needed to confess the truth to Christian Marcos, a handsome European billionaire. In the midst of the bustling party, she is able to find him immediately. Ever since she was a young girl, she has adored him and secretly call him Adonis,... See More

editor's comment

I like the drawing and how the story is potrayed. Some twist and turns even after the marriage.

His Cinderella Bride UPDATE : November 24th, 2017

While managing a high-class rental boutique, Rose often dreams of her own wedding. Then, one day, she has an unexpected encounter. Included with a returned wedding dress is a planner that must have been forgotten. To return the planner to its rig... See More

editor's comment

I find heroine adorable to be so truthful towards her own heart, becoming more and more attractive for the sake of love.

MARRY ME UPDATE : November 17th, 2017

The hottest television show on the air is Hartson Flowers, starring Alicia Hartson and her pregnant cohost, Georgia Flowers. When Georgia goes on maternity leave, Alicia needs a bit of help hosting the show, which features live proposals between p... See More

editor's comment

A romance with comical essence. If you like love story with humor, this is the book for you.

DR. HUNK UPDATE : November 10th, 2017

Just who is this mysterious "Dr. Hunk" that Kelsey's been delivering mail to? The cute and young postal worker has been delivering packages to an apparent recluse, but when she happens to meet him at the mailbox one day, he's anything but! And tho... See More

editor's comment

Hero in this comic is an attractive nerd. I like the first appearance of hero, and how his outlook changed after he met heroine.

DARK DESIRES UPDATE : November 3rd, 2017

After a major incident, Savannah retires from her career as a gifted actress and starts working primarily as a composer. Blake, a charismatic director, has rumors circling around him that he attempted to murder his ex-wife. He becomes enamored wit... See More

editor's comment

A comic with horror, suspense and love. Would introduce people who like fantasy.

A HAPPY MEETING UPDATE : October 27th, 2017

After Cressida lost her father, she is exploited by her cruel stepmother who inherited all of her father’s assets. She doesn’t have enough money to leave the house and she also can’t leave Moggy, an old housemaid who has worked for her family sinc... See More

editor's comment

A modern cinderella story of a plain jane. Heroine looks so soft and gentle and I am so glad she met hero for whom is going to help end her suffering.

THE PRICE OF SUCCESS UPDATE : October 20th, 2017

Sasha is a female drag racer. One day, her teammate, Rafael, crashes his car after she refused his marriage proposal the night before. The circumstances bewilder Sasha. When Marco, Rafael’s older brother and owner of the team, comes to fire her, S... See More

editor's comment

I like the heroine in this story. Strong amazing woman, almost too good for the hero in this story.

VOWS & A VENGEFUL GROOM UPDATE : October 13th, 2017

After returning from vacation, Kimberley is suddenly surrounded by the media at the airport. While she’s stunned, not knowing what’s happening, she notices a man slowly making his way toward her. It’s Ric Perrini. What is he doing there? The sudde... See More

editor's comment

I like how the story started, and how it keep readers wondering why their marraige only lasted for ten days.



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