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JUST A LITTLE SEX... UPDATE : December 23rd, 2016

Country girl Zoe studied hard and became a lawyer. Now she’s working in Sydney, the city of her dreams. With a proposal from a refined man close at hand, Zoe is has it all. Or so she thought until she found out her soon-to-befiancé had an affair. ... See More

editor's comment

Would recommend readers who like passionate love story. Country girl Zoe became so daring since she met a sexy guy, Aiden. Many hot sexy scenes in this comic with nice drawings.

DADDY AND DAUGHTERS UPDATE : December 16th, 2016

Cassie is tasked with taking care of her divorced boss’s twin daughters, daughters he didn’t even know he had until their mother recently died. Flustered, he appoints Cassie as his temporary nanny. Cassie admires her young and accomplished boss. W... See More

editor's comment

Hero and heroine in this comic look so gentle. Hero has this gentle eyes like he is speaking very softly and he seems to be a good father. Heroine who refused to be his baby sitter at first grows to like him.


Bethanne is a pilot, and she’s using her skills to deliver a plane to Sheikh Rashid in the Middle Eastern kingdom of Quishari and to find her dad, who went missing there three years ago. Unfortunately her other cargo, the sheikh’s bride-to-be, elo... See More

editor's comment

Beautiful female pilot, with a pair of firm looking eyes. She definitely is an excellent pilot but the path didn't come easy. I love how independent the heroine is and how hero is attracted to this strong and smart woman.


Mark may be great at his job, but he’s exceedingly bad when it comes to relationships. He’s ridiculously sexy and his techniques in bed are extraordinary, so the women he dates become obsessed. Mark mistakes that for love and proposes, each time c... See More

editor's comment

I like the hero and heroine in this comic, their expressions are so adorable. A rare type of hero in Harlequin who fell in love easily and take women seriously.

UNTAMED UPDATE : November 25th, 2016

Tara Delaney comes from a long line of witches. The men who marry them are blessed with good fortune. However, Tara’s own fortune has not been great. She was left at the altar, and now she’s inherited her grandma Brigid’s old house in Whiskey Rive... See More

editor's comment

Heroine is a witch! Rare to see in Harlequin comics and hero with his spectacles and beard looks different from most other Harlequin comics. Something new that I would recommend Harlequin fans.


Interior designer Kate is working on a room for one of her clients when she has a chance meeting with the son of one of Sicily's most esteemed families, Giovanni Calvelli. While his cold and arrogant disposition initially leaves Kate turned off, f... See More

editor's comment

A handsome guy who only wanted physical relationship while heroine sees a future with hero. Hero does not want to commit yet he gets jealous when he suspected heroine is seeing someone else out there. Interesting to see how hero changes..

THE UNTAMED SHEIK UPDATE : November 11th, 2016

When Megan is invited by Jacques, the man of her dreams, to a luxurious vacation in the desert country of Dhahara, it seems too good to be true. Could this be an opportunity to get closer to him? Having arrived at the airport, Megan waits for Jacq... See More

editor's comment

Kidnapped by hero, a complete stranger to heroine yet they look as if they have known each other for a long time. From a crime to romance, something interesting to read if u put aside the norms.


One cold, rainy night, Beth reaches her destination in Sardinia, Italy—an old castle owned by Cesario Piras, a bank president with a stony exterior as cold as the castle walls. As he gazes at her with his scarred, brooding face and tells her to go... See More

editor's comment

I like how hero gradually open up to heroin and despite looking fierce, he is actually pretty gentle.


Greek millionaire Leon Gregoris had been like a brother to Bea Stephen since childhood, and on her eighteenth birthday they got engaged. But only a little while later, she discovered he was unfaithful and she broke it off. Three years have passed ... See More

editor's comment

l like the expression of the hero, one moment so serious and the next moment so comical. Their bickering is adorable and its funny how hero always manage to mend it with his kiss.

SECOND-BEST WIFE UPDATE : October 21st, 2016

Ever since her great-grandmother first told her about her life in Italy, Gabriella has wanted to visit there. So she enters a study- abroad program, and becomes best friends with a local named Giovanni. Giovanni isn't just an ordinary Italian—he's... See More

editor's comment

I like the drawings in this comic and the hero definitely look good in his priest outfit. I like how they slowly get attracted to each other. A book worth reading !

BLIND-DATE BRIDE UPDATE : October 14th, 2016

Meteorologist and college professor Jake is far too busy with his research for romance. So his father, worried for Jake’s future, decides to play matchmaker for him. Jasper makes a deal with a young waitress named Cheri, promising that if she stay... See More

editor's comment

I like the heroine as she is so sexy. Hero is cute in a way he try to suppress his feelings. The idea is crazy but consider how handsome and gentleman the hero is, it is quite a good offer i guess.


They’re cousins! Identical cousins! Well, nearly identical. T.J. and Theresa not only share first names and very similar appearances, they accidentally end up sharing the same boyfriend when T.J. covers for her to make a business negotiation. When... See More

editor's comment

I like the expressions of the heroin, so adorable. I like how calm Hero handle the situations and not easily fooled.


When Anne felt the bride’s bouquet bounce off her head at a wedding ceremony, she heard a fellow guest say, “I guess you’re next.” And the speaker was the famous novelist Mark Rayne! But Anne, who had recently been abandoned by her fiancé and who ... See More

editor's comment

The hero and heroine in this comic both have gentle eyes and I personally like the drawings. The characters and background look so dreamy.

THE HIGH-SOCIETY WIFE UPDATE : September 23rd, 2016

Gianna’s marriage is haunted by suspicion. Her husband, Franco, the man she’s loved since she was a girl, is the young CEO of an international corporation. However, their marriage is political, not one built on love. Unaware of Franco’s true feeli... See More

editor's comment

I like the hero, Franco in this comic, always so calm and gentleman. Since the marriage is political, it is hard for the heroine, Gianna not to worry about her husband having an affair outside. Franco could have done better in assuring Gianna that she is loved instead of making her feel that they are just fronting.


Lance is engaged with to a senator’s daughter? Kate, Lance’s secretary, is hit hard by this unexpected news. She’s dedicated herself to him for the past five years, hoping that he’ll reciprocate her love for him, but he’s always treated her like a... See More

editor's comment

At some point I feel bad for the senator's daughter but I guess you just can't try to be rational all the times when it comes to releationship.

ROYAL'S CHILD UPDATE : September 16th, 2016

Fed up with her job and without a family to support her, Angel makes an impulsive decision to skip town. When she’s stranded out in the cold with nowhere to go, a handsome man with beautiful eyes named Royal suddenly appears before her. Deciding t... See More

editor's comment

A story between the hero, Royal who always put his child first and heroine, Angel who quit her job and went hitch-hiking.
I love how Royal express his love to Angel. Angel tried to suppress her feelings for her employer, Royal but only to find herself attracted to him more as they get along.
Royal is clumsy when it comes to love buthis sincereness leaves a deep impression. He is so manly when it comes to protecting Angel and his child.
It's a heartwarming and touching story. .

Her Sheikh Boss UPDATE : September 16th, 2016

Claudia is a hardworking personal secretary, working 24/7 for her arrogant boss, Samir, the CEO of a shipping company. The only reason she is so devoted to her work is that she is in love with her boss, who, despite his arrogance, is very charming... See More

editor's comment

Claudia is so adorable and I like how devoted she is in her work. Although her boss, Samir never seen her as a lady , he appreciates her effort and even bought her flowers for her birthday.


It’s understandable if Molly hates millionaires—when she was younger, a star named Francesco used her and threw her away when he was done. Since then she has tried to keep her distance from the world of fame and fortune, but now George, a milliona... See More

editor's comment

A story between a career woman and a playboy.
George seems to be a guy who doesn't even know how to manage his time, however his charms became obvious as the story goes!
His words are pretty wise and hit heroine's heart right on. I love how Molly appears to be tough is actually timid.

RESCUE AT CRADLE LAKE UPDATE : September 11th, 2016

Ginny's life as a doctor is put on hold when she returns to her hometown, Cradle Lake, to care for her brother in his final days. It's there that she meets Fergus, a fellow doctor with a dark past. He's taken a job in the small, sleepy town to hea... See More

editor's comment

Ginny is a smart and kind doctor. She is so tied down by her family problems and I like how Fergus is there for her to solve her problems and protect her.


We're finally free! On a cold, rainy morning, with her dear old dog and cat in tow, Becky makes her daring escape from her wicked stepmother. She leaves behind a life where her stepmother threatened her beloved pets to force Becky to wait on her h... See More

editor's comment

Kindness brings the two of them together and it is only a few hours they spent together.
However, one coincidence leads to another and it is a story of how the hardworking heroine gets her happiness.
Heroine works very hard and has a lovely nature.
I like how hero brings heroine out of her miseries. It is a cinderalla story.



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