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Two years ago, Melissa spent four wonderful days with Prince Casimiro as his lover. Now she works as a party planner and is set to plan a grand one for the Mediterranean kingdom of Zaffirinthos—with Casimiro as the host. Melissa sees Casimiro and ... See More

editor's comment

This story is a combination of Secret baby story, royal love and memory loss.
I liked the book because the Heroine is so chic and she looks fantastic when she is dressed up.
The Hero is a bit awkward until the end.
I like how modest and elegant the Heroine is.

REBECCA'S ROGUE UPDATE : September 1st, 2016

“I want you to marry me,” Rebecca says to Will, who is rumored to be a gold-digging con artist. She needs a husband for show because she is desperately trying to put a stop to the ongoing marriage offers brought upon her as a result of inheriting ... See More

editor's comment

This is a rare type of story that the Hero is a poor and gets married to pay off the debt.
The lady who asks him to marry is a beautiful rich woman who needs protection.
The Hero gets attracted by the Heroine little by little.
He doesn’t even realize why and when he fell in love with her because he thought he was marrying her only for money.
He is a sensitive but a bit funny guy.
I liked this book because of the beauty of the Heroine.
There are many breath-taking scenes where she is depicted very well.

Sale or Return Bride UPDATE : August 26th, 2016

Despite being born to a wealthy Greek family, Alesia lived a humble life with her mother after her ruthless grandfather banished them from the family. Then, for the first time in 15 years, Alesia is summoned by her grandfather only to be told he h... See More

editor's comment

Heroine is like a piece of chess being used by both her family and Hero. Hero only sees Heroine as a merchandise he purchased at first but things changed as they get along...

BRANDED UPDATE : August 19th, 2016

On the night of her sixteenth birthday, Ashley resolved to profess her love to Jake, a man eight years her senior who had always treated her like a younger sister. Ashley was confident that he would return her feelings. After all, she's been the o... See More

editor's comment

I would say Hero had pretty bad taste in woman but if it wasn't for his first wife, he and heroine might never meet again.

WIFE WITH AMNESIA UPDATE : August 12th, 2016

Claire wakes up dazed and disoriented in a hospital bed. The shock of a violent mugging left her with amnesia—she can’t even remember her own name, and a man calling himself her husband is there in her hospital room! He’s kind and patient with her... See More

editor's comment

The heroine woke up with amnesia and her husband who is now a complete stranger to her showered her with all the patience she need. However, even with the memory loss, her past just won't stop haunting her...

SUDDEN DANGER UPDATE : August 5th, 2016

When she receives roses from her anonymous “admirer,” it’s the final straw for Kristie, who turns to the police to help her track down her stalker. In an odd quirk of fate, the detective assigned to the case is her first crush, Scott. The six year... See More

editor's comment

A romantic suspense story, it is definitely scary to get stalked but I am glad it leads to a beautiful reunion of heroine and hero.


Franny’s always enjoyed competing with her brothers, and this is their new bet: Can she find a good match in just one month? The only problem is she knows nobody who is suitable. All of a sudden, her brothers’ best friend, Brett, comes to visit. H... See More

editor's comment

Unlike most Harlequin comics, the Hero and Heroine in this story are neither from the high class society nor someone with model-like face/proportion. Their interactions are adorable and not something far-fetch from our daily life.


William’s a consummate businessman, hired to cut costs and track down any and all points where a company is losing money. He’s tracked down one such point in the brother of Margaret, an employee who is unaware that her sibling is embezzling money.... See More

editor's comment

It is suppose to be business but they seem to be having a good time together so I guess it might sound like an evil blackmail but it works out for them.


Emma March was a caregiver for rich businessman Valentino Fiorenza in his later years until his death. His son, Rafaele, believed the media rumors—he thinks that she was Valentino's mistress! When his will decrees that Emma and Rafaele may split h... See More

editor's comment

Hero in this story has a pretty twisted personalities due to his childhood trauma. On the other hand, Heroine is nice and good patience to be able to take Hero nasty remarks without losing temper. This fake marriage with Heroine definitely changed him and make him a better man.

FINN'S TWINS ! UPDATE : July 8th, 2016

Izzy has come to the big city from the countryside to see her boyfriend. On her way, she drops off twin girls, Pansy and Tansy, at their uncle Finn’s. He says he doesn’t want them. Moreover, when she visits her boyfriend’s house for the first tim... See More

editor's comment

The interactions between Heroine, Hero and his nieces really melt my heart, so natural and heartwarming. They are two strangers yet their interactions look like they have known each other for years. Amazing chemistry between them and I really enjoyed the story.

HUSBAND-TO-BE UPDATE : July 1st, 2016

Rachel is a talented ecologist who has grown tired of doing physically demanding fieldwork and is seeking a job in a clean and warm office. However, she’s had some trouble adjusting to office life, leaving her doubtful about her ability to become ... See More

editor's comment

I loved the Heroine in this story who is so smart and independent, but despite her talent as an ecologist she is not appreciated as much as she deserved. Hero sees talent in her even when he had no idea Rachel is the biologist he repects.


After one little slip of the tongue, Tiffany finds herself in quite the bind. A rumor spreads that she is engaged to Ben Maxwell, an airline captain. In order to avoid losing face, Ben suggests they play along and pretend to actually be engaged. S... See More

editor's comment

A sweet and funny love story, I could tell that Hero and Heroine are attracted to each other but didn't have the chance for more interactions. The engagement rumour creates a perfect situation for their relationship to work out.


Attorney Alison Whitman makes the decision to have a child through IVF. But once she becomes pregnant, she discovers that there’s been a mix-up about the sperm donor! Alison goes to inform the father, Maximo Rossi, about the situation, hoping to g... See More

editor's comment

Sperm donor who happened to be a prince ! A mistake leading to a beautiful modern fairy tale. If you love fairy tale, this is the book to read.

A Wife of Convenience UPDATE : June 10th, 2016

“Be my scapegoat!” is what Rosie’s twin sister said to her, begging her to act out a marriage with a man in order to make her boyfriend jealous. The fake fiancé was Morgan Urquart, a stunning, handsome man, who had a need to wed within six months ... See More

editor's comment

It is puzzling why Heronine would accept her sister's ridiculous request but obviously she fell for Hero at first sight. Despite claiming that the marriage is only for business, Hero gets jealous when Heroine talks to other men.


After Jack Maguire’s stepmother turns him away from his father’s estate, he vows to seek revenge. He turns the tables by making it on his own and becoming a billionaire. After his father’s death, Jack inherits everything, leaving his stepfamily wi... See More

editor's comment

I am glad that the heroine does not resemble her mother in anyway. Relationship between Hero and Heroine started off as business but those feelings grew and turned hatred to love.


It was Sabrina’s wedding day, but her groom was running late because of his work. Could she really be happy in this marriage? No. Sabrina ran away from the church in her wedding dress and headed to the lodge filled with her happy childhood memorie... See More

editor's comment

Snow white and the 7 dwarfs. The dwarfs in this comic are probably the cutest dwarfs I've ever seen. I am glad that the Heroine did not succumb to marrying someone she doesn't love and she is definitely a woman who knows how to fight for herself.

The Playboy's Proposition UPDATE : May 20th, 2016

A wedding invitation sent to Michelle is from Kevin, the man she has dated for 10 years. Why? They always make up right away after bickering. Michelle is in shock; the one who is there to console her is rich, handsome and too-perfect Tyler. Michel... See More

editor's comment

10years of relationship and what comes next is a wedding invitation without your name on it. This is one of the most cruel thing I've ever seen but things happen for a reason. In this story, a good one for sure.


Maggie Romer is one of the top programmers at Computer Solutions, but she can’t program a way for her favorite boss to not be kicked out of the company when the new owner, John Worthington, storms in. John is hated for his actions, and Maggie deci... See More

editor's comment

Do you like your boss ? If one day your boss is forced to leave to company, what would you do ? The Heroine in this story was so upset to the extent that she gave herself a makeover so as to toy the feelings of the owner who fired her boss as a form of revenge.


Ten years ago, Sasha and Gabriel had a whirlwind romance, but now, Sasha's husband has died of cancer, leaving her in charge of two boys and a foundering hotel. With her life thrown into turmoil, Gabriel returns with one mission: as the remaining ... See More

editor's comment

On the surface, Heroine is someone who married an old but rich husband and it looks like she is a materialistic woman who will marry for money. However, there is a hidden truth behind which the Hero is kept from. With all the misunderstandings, Hero say many nasty things to her..


Restoring historic landmarks might be the only passion that Max has room for in his heart, but Cynthia might end up changing that. Her cyber-sluethsleuth skills are invaluable when it comes to finding out who’s leaking his architectural plans, and... See More

editor's comment

The Heroine's friend, Lisa is indeed a good friend for introducing someone as charming as Hero to be her escort. Lisa even helped her with the makeover so that she would look gorgeous and she won't have to look miserable at her former classmate's wedding. Readers who have supportive bestie might be able to relate to this love story.



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