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After Their Vows UPDATE : March 4th, 2016

Having lost both her parents in a car accident, Angie works hard to support her younger brother. One day, she's picked up by a modeling agency which shoots her to supermodel status overnight. Then she falls for and marries the wealthy Roque. But w... See More

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It was a beautiful story of a married couple. They become separated for an year because of a misunderstanding. They couldn't communicate well to show their love each other. While they argue, she lost her child which made the story even more complicated. I liked the drawing during the whole book. It depicted very well the luxury life of a model and a rich businees man.


Mary is a timid shop attendant with glasses and braided hair. And though she’s fallen for James, a handsome and smart lawyer, the only thing she can do is admire him from her window. The shopkeeper, Margaret, wants to help and offers Mary a dress.... See More

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It was a typical but beautiful cindrella story. The drawing was sometimes overwhelming but the story was beautiful. A normal girl becomes a princess thanks to a magical dress.


Tristanne Barbary has asked Greek billionaire Nikos Katrakis to make her his mistress. Drowning in debt, Tristanne’s older half brother is using Tristanne’s mother as a hostage to force her to go along with his plan to extract money from Nikos. Bu... See More

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The Heroine tries to become a mistress for a trick and to save her mother. The hero realizes immediately that she is not a type to be a mistress. The trick was supposed to be a revenge for the Hero but in the it turns out to be a revenge to the Heroine !!! The half brother of the Heroine is a cold hearted person who doesn't care about the Heroine.


Caroline is satisfied with her successful career as a public prosecutor until one day when she is unexpectedly reunited with a man from her past—Nick, the man she married after three weeks of dating and divorced four days later. More attractive th... See More

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it was a very interesting story that i could also learn about the judicial world. i felt that the artist depicted very well the sentiments and the feelings of the characters. I felt moved from the beginning till the end of the story. the Heroine has きず in her heart but gets healed while yaking care of a child who has the same wound and the true love of the Hero.


Alexandra goes to New York to find a way to pay back the huge debt left by her extravagant mother, a Hollywood actress. Through an act of fate, she meets Lucca, the crown prince of the principality of Castelmare. After hearing about her problem, L... See More

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I liked the scene where the Hero gets jalous at the Heroine. The hero seemed to be a bit bossy and arrogant at the beginning but you can find out his thoughts and real personality towards the end of the story.


After her mother’s passing, Joanna lives a life wandering visiting casinos with her gambler father. Joanna’s kindness will not allow her to abandon her father, who has her dress as a prostitute at the casinos to distract his opponents and turn the... See More

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The Heroine is a young girl who is trying her best to help her father out with her beauty. She accidentally falls in love with her father's enemy and at the beginning she couldn’t believe herself. But at the end she realizes that it’s a true love and the Hero wants her too.

WIFE WITHOUT A PAST UPDATE : January 8th, 2016

Andrew couldn’t believe his eyes: there she is, his late wife, Laura, who was in an accident a year and a half ago. She couldn’t be the same woman, and yet her eyes, her hair, her voice—everything is the same, except for her memories. Andrew is ju... See More

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The Heroine is a woman who lost her memory of her marriage. The hero is a very handsome business man who devoted himself for work. They used to be a married couple but because of the accident, the Heroine doesn't realize the Hero. The Hero loses the perfume that could make the Heroine remember the married life they used to have.
They misunderstand each other but in the end they understand and they get to have a happy life at the end with 2 kids.

The Billionaire's Bride of Convenience UPDATE : December 4th, 2015

As the son of a distinguished family, Hugh is temporarily forced to take on the role of CEO in place of his father. While Hugh used to be a playboy-type that favored women over work, his competent secretary, Kathryn, cuts out any time for play in ... See More

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The Hero is a typical playboy who has never been serious at work, but since he's fallen in love with a new secreaty, he at least comes to work everyday. He finally finds a way that both Hero and Heroine can be happy together. At first it didn't seem to be working but in the end both find what make them truly happy. It is not money neither fame...

The Most Coveted Prize UPDATE : November 27th, 2015

Alena, the 19-year-old scion of a well-respected, old Russian family, falls in love at first sight with Kiryl, a man she met in the lobby of a high-class hotel. He cuts a devilishly stylish figure, so she has no idea that this man who wears an air... See More

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The first half of the story is told mostly from the poit of view of the Hero. The hero tries to utilize the Heroine who is the sister of his business rival.
The heroine's pureness and openess breaks the icy barrier in his heart and he notices at the end what is most important to him. She makes him realize what is his true happiness to him.
The drawing is extremely well done and it describes well the beautiful city of St. Petersburg.


Miranda’s been hired by Rafe Knighton to help him plan a Cinderella’s ball. If all goes well, he’ll meet the woman he’ll marry there. Miranda works closely with Rafe, and though she starts to fall for him, she quickly puts the idea out of her mind... See More

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The Heroine is a hard working and intelligent woman who is always trying to do her best for her boss. The Hero is her boss who has the playboy reputation but is sincere at heart. The hero looks for a woman to get married to and ask the Heroine to help him organize a ball. She knows that she likes him but she tries to forget her heart and accept the offer as a business.
There were some scenes that were kind of frustrating because it was obvious they like each other but it’s only them who try not to notice about each others’ feelings. The story has all the scenes that any girl would dream about.


Karli and Jenna are half sisters, and their mom is rock legend Nicole Razor, who just passed away. In a rush to be by her bedside, they've ended up at a train station in Barinya Downs, a place with just one solitary house in the distance. While th... See More

editor's comment

It's a beautiful story about two pure souls meet by chance at an abandoned place surrounded by nothing but desert. The heroine is so devoting and she shows to the Hero what a warm home looks like by cleaning and cooking for him in return for his kind treatment and protection.
The hero is also a very sensible but warm hearted person who cares about the people around him. I liked a lot how this two people finally discover their each other’s value with the support of the others around them.

RUNAWAY FIANCEE UPDATE : November 6th, 2015

The woman in that painting—is that Paige Chandos, the British woman who left her man at the altar, or is it Angelique Castet, the French woman engaged to the artist? Could Angelique be Paige and not even know it? When Milo Caine comes to find wher... See More

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At first I thought it was a typical story about a girl who lost her memory. But it was not just a simple story but it was also about how the Heroine learns to see through a man and to decides which one is truly sincere and honest with her.
Even though it's a pretty much unrealistic story that normally I have difficulty being absorbed in, in the end the story moved me because of the characteristic of the Heroine and her attitude to catch the true happiness.

The Playboy's Virgin UPDATE : October 30th, 2015

A man named Harry appears in front of country girl Tanya and tells her that she's the niece of the recently deceased CEO of Femme Fatale. She’s next in line to inherit the famous lingerie company! Harry wants her to help him pull the company back ... See More

editor's comment

The heroine is a pure girl who lived for her whole life in countryside of Australia. By changce she becomes the CEO of a company and she moves to Sydney with her "body guard". Then she notices herself falling in love with him gradually. Her warm heart melts his cold closed personality and he notices himself trying to protect her. She is sincere for her work and company and that quality attracks the Hero.


Six years ago, the internationally known violinist Lia, met Seth, heir to a Fortune 500 company, at a masked ball. Lia was dressed as a butterfly, and Seth as a highwayman. The two of them spent one night together and fell in love, but it soon tur... See More

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The hero and the heroine meet at a party and spend the night together without really knowing about each other, but they definitely felt something between them. It was unlucky after that. There was a misunderstanding between them for a long time and they felt bad for each other. The miracle happens and they meet by chance again.

Pilgrim's Castle UPDATE : October 16th, 2015

Yvain has been working as a maid in the Sandell household since she was 15. One day she accompanies her employers on a luxury cruise ship. Who would have thought the ship would sink! Yvain is swept away by the strong currents of the sea... When sh... See More

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The heroine is afraid to believe in love agaian because she lost her lover in her arms not a long ago. She is afraid to loose her love agin so she decided not to love anyone. Although, she meets the Hero and he changes her completely.
It was him who taught her to believe in love; to believe the positive side of life and love. He seduces her but he waits for her to recover from pain and opens her heart to him. Thanks to him, does she finally decide to love or....??

THE BABY SECRET UPDATE : October 9th, 2015

Victoria is a gentle and beautiful woman of the highest nobility. Zack is a wild and successful executive who can make any woman his. At a glance, anybody would think they were the perfect couple. After their dreamlike wedding ceremony, Victoria t... See More

editor's comment

There's no one was born without love.
The heroine was grown up in a cold family and she has kept loneliness in her heart. She gets married with a wealthy man but she finds out that he has a mistress and so did her father who passed away long time ago. She is too afraid to believe in love because she thinks she has never been loved truly. Though the experience of pregnancy and giving birth to her child, she discovers real love between her husband and her family who raised her up.

The Secret Love-Child UPDATE : October 2nd, 2015

Isabel was only interested in getting married and having a family. Just when she finds the right man to marry to achieve her goal, he calls off the wedding—he's fallen in love with another woman! He says he was driven away by Isabel’s lack of love... See More

editor's comment

The heroine is a beautiful woman who doesn't seem to have problems finding a right man. But just before her perfect marriage taht she was excited for, she got dumped and the whole event was called off.
That's why she decided to go on a trip to a place where she was going for a honeymoon with a nearly stranger to forget everything and to heal her brokenheart. It's such a beautiful pleace like in dreams yet there's a sadness around the heroine and hero because they think the dream won't last forever and fade out as the reality comes to face. I liked that delicate relationship between them and how they finaly became at last.

A Wedding In the Family UPDATE : September 25th, 2015

Raised under her millionaire aunt, a young Woman named Lillian has grown up in high society. However, for some reason, her aunt has always ignored her, favoring her rambunctious younger sister. “There must be some reason why I'm always hated by ev... See More

editor's comment

The Heroine is a delicate and sensible lady who keeps feeling lonely in her family.
Then she meets this cowboy who looks at her with a stereotype. She can't stand it but she will know why with time spending at his house.
I really liked the last scene because he looks so sure of himself and he comes to save her.
The Heroine looks a little bit passive and too obedient to the circumstances but it's understandable because of her family and how she was being raised.

The Husband Project UPDATE : September 18th, 2015

After seeing her two best friends at her public relations agency get married, Alison feels that something is missing in her single life. She wants to love someone but has no interest in marriage. She just wants a baby to give all her love to. Afte... See More

editor's comment

This story is the 3rd story of the cindrella girls stories of Leigh Michael & Rin Ogata. The 1st story is "The Billionaire Date" and the 2nd is "The Playboy Assignment". These are the stories of 3 bestfriends who are the chefs of the PR company.
In this story "The Husband project",the Heroine is wanting a baby obsessedly so that she thinks she won't be lonely anymore. She asks the Hero "to help her getting pregnent".
I liked how the Hero is showing her what the true love is and how she should treat herself not as a miserable lonely woman but as a charming and attractive woman who is worth a true love.


Callie was forced into an arranged marriage with a much older man when she was nineteen, but was finally freed from this loveless union after her husband's death. Now, she's returned to Greece, where she meets a mysterious, dark stranger with who... See More

editor's comment

The Hero seems to have many aspects and the Heroine gets lost finding his real personality. He seems to be very cruel and cold at heart, but at the same time she finds out many nice things that he has done.

What kind of person is he ?
What's on his mind?

The Heroine is going to discover little by little while having a “mistress agreement" with him….



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