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One Summer in Italy UPDATE : July 17th, 2015

Just before her return to England, Holly discovers in her luggage the valuable painting she had sketched earlier. She had become entangled in an unthinkable crime... She was deceived by a man she trusted! Jumping on to a train bound for Rome, she ... See More

editor's comment

There was a very complicated drama behind the whole story.
I couldn't believe the secret the Hero confessed to the Heroine.
I was very happy to see that the Hero got back his smile on his face at the end.


Sixteen-year-old Kelly believed everything that her first love, T., said to her. He was a gorgeous hunk and her brother’s best friend On the night of Kelly’’s junior prom, T. steps in to take the place of her sick date, saving the day and treating... See More

editor's comment

Heroine met hero when she was under 18, and she fell in love with him at first sight. And they promised to marry when heroine is 18. However in a chance hero went for a journal, he was caught and got in prison for half year, left heroine alone. In the prison, what keeps hero going on is heroine. And now, after 5 years, hero comes back to ask heroine to marry him…

DEVIL WITHIN UPDATE : July 10th, 2015

Claudia March accepts a governess job and packs up her London life to move to a small town in Brazil. She's excited for the change, the peaceful atmosphere and the chance to teach little Rebecca. But Rebecca's father, Saul, is a problem all on his... See More

editor's comment

Heroine came to Brazil because of a recruit ad of teacher. And there she met Rebecca, hero’s daughter. At first Rebecca was a self-indulgent girl, however because of heroine stayed with her, she became more and more adorable. Meanwhile, hero became family thinking to his daughter. However, heroine’s job is going to finish…

The Prince's Heir UPDATE : July 10th, 2015

Mandy lives a peaceful life with her parents and her adopted son Josh, the child of her best friend who died 3 years ago. However her quiet life is jeopardized when a man suddenly visits her. This refined and dignified man is the 2nd prince of Cas... See More

editor's comment

It was amazing to see how an evil uninvited guest can turn into such a warm heart guy who can truly love a child and his family.
The true beauty of the Heroine and her warmth melted his cold heart made because of the lonely childhood.
The Heroin's family at Texas welcome the Hero with respect and humor.
When a girl was raised in a nice warm family, it becomes hard to leave.
But the talk of her grandmother changes her mind and leads her to make a nice warm family on her own.


Emily'’s fiancé has eloped with her own sister right before their wedding. Broken-hearted, Emily goes on an island vacation to recover. When Emily confesses to her best friend, Meg, that she now has doubts about her desirability, Meg advises her t... See More

editor's comment

Although the name is in title, Harry is actually the ex-boyfriend who heroine would like to forget. Therefore she went to an island and met hero. Hero was an arrogant man however seemed to fall in love with heroine when first met. In order to forget ex-boyfriend, heroine decided to stay in the island…


Zacharie Deverell, the famous French playboy, thought he had it all, but when his girlfriend Freya Addison announces her pregnancy, he quickly removes her from his life. He knows the child can't be his; vasectomies are a surefire thing, right? But... See More

editor's comment

The hero is a nice and gentle man who cares heroine so much. Hero and heroine was lovers 2 years ago but separated because of heroine's pregnancy. However, hero decided to accept heroine and baby as family. But actually, hero has genetic disorder so he turned heroine away just before the marriage. Will they finally be family?

MALE FOR SALE UPDATE : June 26th, 2015

Hunter Ashton is a famous comic-book creator, which means his iconic Valerie Valor character is more recognizable than himself. When he auctions himself off at a charity bachelor auction, Noelle accidentally chooses him to be her date to her siste... See More

editor's comment

Heroine won hero in an auction and brought him to her sister's wedding. However although she won hero, she thought hero is so easy that she thought no good. But when she tried her sister's wedding dress, she was kidnapped by others and knew secret of her sister's fiance. And hero helped heroine to solve the problem and told her sister the truth. And, heroine fell in love with hero gradually…


Suki is a young pop star with a rising career, and after finishing her first big stadium concert to thunderous applause, her heart is so full she feels as if it could burst. She heads to a club to celebrate with her crew, where a man approaches he... See More

editor's comment

I personally like the friendship between heroine's agents. They are friends for long and the girl is pregnant. And heroine becomes so famous as a singer because of their effort. Also, the agents show not only professions to heroine's career, but also their love to heroine. Maybe it is the best co-worker ship in the world.

A Game of Chance UPDATE : June 19th, 2015

Intelligence operative Chance Mackenzie has been looking for an elusive international terrorist, and finally comes across some information about the terrorist's beloved daughter. Her name is Sunny. She is clearly in league with the terrorists. Cha... See More

editor's comment

I enjoyed it as if I was watching a Hollywood movie !
The action scenes were exciting.
I got attracted to the story because especially the first part was mysterious.
It was nice to see how the hero started to get attracted to the heroine.


Television newscaster Erika models in a swimsuit after her friend begs her to. But then the pictures are edited so she appears topless and they’re published by a Marlow company magazine! She barges into Marlow headquarters to get to the bottom of ... See More

editor's comment

Heroine is a newscaster and with beautiful face and body. She answered a photographer to shoot for magazine, but her picture was photomontaged to be nude. She was angry and in a chance she interviewed owner of the magazine. She and hero, owner of the magazine fell in love with each other, however they misunderstood each other…

Bound by the Kincaid Baby UPDATE : June 12th, 2015

The affluent Mitch Kincaid's livelihood hangs in the balance because of his father's peculiar will. Unless he takes in his father's illegitimate child and looks after him for one year, Mitch will lose his entire fortune. The child is now under the... See More

editor's comment

“ Sometimes, if you really love someone, you need to let him go.“

This was the word of Mitch.
Why did he say such a thing?
A child's charm could really heal the hearts with scars?

It was an excellent story with beautiful drawings of dresses and decorations that brought me to the luxury world of Kincaid's.

ROCK ME ALL NIGHT UPDATE : June 12th, 2015

Someday...the prince in my dreams will... Everyone's favorite radio DJ—Lauren—dreams of a fairy-tale life with a kind, honest man. However, in reality, there is no such man, and she knows it. She is affectionately called "Miss Lonely Hearts" by th... See More

editor's comment

This is a love story about a radio DJ and playboy. Hero is a playboy, he loves heroine at the first sight. Though they both love each other, hero can't promise for their future to heroine, and this makes heroine anxious. The way how hero shows his love to heroine is also impressive.


Standing outside the office of blind novelist Saul Cresswell, Autumn silently prays for the courage to knock on his door. Four years ago, it was her young love that stole his sight. Racked with guilt, Autumn disappeared from Saul's life. However, ... See More

editor's comment

I felt the jealousy and the sense of guilty of heroine as if they were my own feeling.
The description was that detailed and very close to the reality.
They story told that love sometimes requires the patience and generosity for letting go of the most precious thing in heart.
How the heroine won in the end was almost like a miracle and it brought me the sense of relief.


Erin had worked as a nanny, and when Faisal, her employer, became ill and asked her to marry him, she accepted and then adopted his son, Kazim. After Faisal's death, Zahir, Faisal's brother, suddenly arrives from the kingdom of Qubbah and says th... See More

editor's comment

I personally love the art and it has a lot of beautiful scenes of desert and palace. The hero is so arrogant because he is the king. However he loves heroine and his nephew very much. Though heroine comes back to her hometown because of a misunderstanding, hero goes to her town and tells her the truth. It is very touched.

The Sicilian's Virgin Bride UPDATE : May 29th, 2015

Even if it was a political marriage, Chessie was on cloud nine when she wed the man she idolized, Rocco. That is, until the day of their wedding when she caught the groom having an affair with his lover. Utterly dejected, Chessie walks away from i... See More

editor's comment

It was the most enthusiastic title among all the titles I have read so far.
It was showing well a bit of Italian sensuality, yet the story was pretty cultural with many interesting details.
Rocco was such a jerk. There were some scenes that I just wanted to shout at him for the sake of Chessie !


Orders were orders, but battle-weary undercover agent Kit Anderson chafed at seeking refuge from death threats in the house of her new boss, Coast Guard Lieutenant Noah Trayhern. Noah's cold authority masked inner demons that rivaled her own; his ... See More

editor's comment

This is the first time I read a Harlequin story which Hero and Heroine’s careers are soldiers. Hero has to protect heroine for Mafia’s revenge. And where hero hides heroine is his house. The story is very exciting and you will see different scenes from other Harlequin comics.


After her nightmarish recovery from a serious car accident, Faye gets horrible news from her doctor, and it hits her hard like a rock: she can’t bear children. In extreme shock, she breaks off her engagement, leaves her job and confines herself ... See More

editor's comment

This is a sad but romantic story. Heroine can't be pregnant because of a car accident. She is upset because of that, and her brother invites her to Texas for break. In Texas she meets hero, a good friend of her brother. During their stay, hero takes good care of heroine, and heroine finds herself interested in hero. However when hero propose marriage to heroine, heroine keeps refusing, but she never speaks the reason. Finally in a chance, heroine tells hero that she can't be pregnant I her life anymore. Will hero still love heroine and want to marry her?


On a cold winter day, as Marianne is serenading passersby on her usual street corner, she's approached by a wealthy-looking man who asks if she'd care to work as a live-in housekeeper at his home. Flashing striking blue eyes and brimming with the ... See More

editor's comment

It was like a mystery story. I was trying to guess what had happened to both of them.
In the end I cleared my mind. They Brazilian scenery was so beautiful that it got me want to visit there.

Ready for Marriage UPDATE : May 15th, 2015

Mary Jo didn't really want to turn down a marriage proposal from her lover, Evan. But as someone aiming to be a politician, he needed a society wife. Evan’s mother made it clear that Mary Jo was unsuitable, so she made the painful decision to let ... See More

editor's comment

It was an exciting story of ups and downs.
I was very happy to see that Mary Jo took her courage of not letting Evan go even after so many difficulties that she had to face.
This book gives you a good lesson as well, never to make up a conclusion by yourself but better to always discuss and decide together with your loved one.


The marriage of Luciano "Luc" De Santis to the beautiful Bianca was supposed to go off without a hitch, but Elizabeth Hadley ended up kissing him before the wedding! When Bianca disappears with in a possible embezzlement scheme with Elizabeth's br... See More

editor's comment

Hero was going to married, however in a party, hero and heroine met each other. After that night, hero's fiancee ran away and hero asked heroine to marry him, because he is celebrity and couldn't accept any scandal. After their marriage, hero's fiancee came back, and said that she is pregnant…



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