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Can I speak with you alone?

Pure Romance

The Billionaire's Housekeeper Mistress

I've never met a woman like you.

Pure Romance

Fatherhood Fever!

Are you ready to have children?

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Emma Darcy Bundle

[Bundle] A Perfect Makeover Vol.3

This bundle contains :"PROMOTED: SECRETARY TO BRIDE!","A VERY STYLISH AFFAIR" ,and "The Playboy's Virgin".For the past three years, Molly has secretly been in love with her boss, Jarrod. She knows nothing will ever happen between them because they’re employer and subordinate…but it doesn’t keep her from dreaming about it. But when nasty rumors about their company begin to spread, Jarrod decides to get to the bottom of them, and he decides to take Molly out to parties with him to follow the trail of gossip. With the help of her mother and her meddlesome aunts, she manages to pretty herself up for Jarrod. He certainly takes notice of her new look, but is it the pretty clothes or Molly herself that have truly captured Jarrod’s interest?

[Bundle] A Perfect Makeover Vol.2

This bundle contains :"HIS BOARDROOM MISTRESS","French Kissing",and "GETTING OVER HARRY".Plain old Liz knows she was nothing special to her boss, Cole, but when she returns from vacation, she's quickly turning heads with her new makeover. With Cole having to find someone to accompany him on his mother's vacation, he too is looking at Liz in a whole new way. But he’s reeling from a bad divorce and the loss of his son, and Liz can’t tell whether Cole sees her as an attractive employee, a suitable girlfriend…or just a comforting bed to sleep in.

[Bundle] Heroine's Makeover Selection vol.1

This bundle contains : "THE MATCHMAKING MACHINE" , "GETTING OVER HARRY" and "HIS BOARDROOM MISTRESS". Maggie Romer is one of the top programmers at Computer Solutions, but she can’t program a way for her favorite boss to not be kicked out of the company when the new owner, John Worthington, storms in. John is hated for his actions, and Maggie decides to enact a little revenge. But she may find that her heart can be hurt just as badly as John’s when she uses THE MATCHMAKING MACHINE.

[Bundle] Working Heroine Selection vol.2

This bundle contains : "TANGLE OF TORMENT" , "The Bride's Baby" and "PREGNANT ON THE UPPER EAST SIDE?". Maggie is marrying her fiancé, Dan, but she is not completely sure he is in love with her. Then, the new company president, Ian Drake, comes into her life. After meeting him, she realizes he's the first man who really understands her. She starts to show her affection for him, but somehow, Ian keeps rejecting her…

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