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Acting on Impulse UPDATE : March 24th, 2017

Enjoying a gorgeous single lifestyle with lots of encounters in the big city! That was Trudy the country girl's reason for coming to New York. To have metropolitan romances with all the men that aren't around in her small town. To keep her from ge... See More

editor's comment

A story about a country girl going to a big city, New York. I like the pure and fresh heroine when she first stepped into the big city. Environment might have changed her outlook but not her inner.

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Genre Romance  /  Pure Romance  /  Passion Romance  /  Historical Romance  /  Fantasy Romance  /  Seasonal Romance  /  Romantic Suspense
Author Lynne Graham  /  Kathy Marks  /  Elizabeth Rolls  /  Kate Hewitt  /  Sharon Sala  /  Metsy Hingle  /  Karen Templeton  /  Robyn Donald
Artist Kaishi Sakuya  /  Makiko Tamai  /  Junko Okada  /  Chikae Ide  /  Akiko Iizuka  /  Nayuna Sakurano  /  Yoriko Minato  /  Minori Momoka

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