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Lynne Graham Collection

Mistress contract

The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife

I'll buy you a house and look after your needs. …In exchange, I want you to be my mistress.

Cinderella story

The Sheikh's Innocent Bride

I swear on my honor that I will protect you.

Office Romance

The Italian Boss's Mistress

You call me this? Your company photo was terrible.

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Lynne Graham Bundle

[Bundle] Loveless Marriage Vol.6

This bundle contains :"MARRIAGE WITHOUT LOVE","DISTURBING STRANGER",and "JESS'S PROMISE".Kieron made a name for himself in the newspaper world through a scoop…and Beth's life, which he’d used to get the scoop, changed for the worse. What made things even harder was that she was now pregnant with his baby. Three years have passed, and Beth’s changed her name and is starting a new job. Little does she know that her new boss at the Daily Globe is none other than Kieron…

[Bundle] Loveless Marriage Vol.2

This bundle contains :"Sale or Return Bride","THE SULTAN'S CHOICE",and "Married by Arrangement".Despite being born to a wealthy Greek family, Alesia lived a humble life with her mother after her ruthless grandfather banished them from the family. Then, for the first time in 15 years, Alesia is summoned by her grandfather only to be told he has chosen a man to whom she must marry. He demands she marry Sebastien Fiorukis, the eldest son of another wealthy Greek family. The two families have been feuding for two generations, so what could her grandfather be scheming? But if she accepts this proposal, her ill mother will be saved. Alesia reluctantly agrees, but she didn't know how her new fiancé would treat her...

[Bundle] Loveless Marriage Vol.1

This bundle contains :"Captured and Crowned","THE SPANIARD'S BLACKMAILED BRIDE",and "The Greek's Chosen Wife".Swept off your feet by an alluring prince on the moonlit beaches of Angyra? It'd be a dream for any number of girls, but Demetria's life is thrown into disarray: she's already engaged to another prince! When the king dies and her fiancé, Prince Gregor, falls ill, Demetria's passed from one heir to another. She's destined to be queen whether she likes it or not, but will a mystery man on the beach end up being her salvation, or will she have to be captured and crowned?

[Bundle] Fake Lover Vol.2

This bundle contains :"ROYAL PURSUIT","Billionaire's Contract Engagement",and "THE SPANISH GROOM".Private investigator Taylor happens to hit an extremely handsome man who jumped in front of her car. He asks her to take him back to her place. As soon as he knows Taylor’s profession, he makes an unexpected remark: “I am Alexander, the crown prince of Vashmiran. I want to hire you to find the person who tried to assassinate me.” They infiltrate the embassy together, disguised as a married couple. Her days with the playboy prince and his sweet smiles make her heart flutter…

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