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Lynne Graham Collection

Mistress contract

The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife

I'll buy you a house and look after your needs. …In exchange, I want you to be my mistress.

Cinderella story

The Sheikh's Innocent Bride

I swear on my honor that I will protect you.

Office Romance

The Italian Boss's Mistress

You call me this? Your company photo was terrible.

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Lynne Graham Bundle

[Bundle]Rejected Love Selection Vol.6

This bundle contains : THE WINTER BRIDE,WINNING THE SINGLE MOM'S HEART , and KAT'S PRIDE. Angie is a butler's daughter, forced out of the mansion when she fell in love with its successor and heir. It has been two years since then, and she now works as a live-in maid, while also taking care of her young son. One late night, an unexpected guest visits her from Greece—Leo Demetrios. Leo was her first love; he absorbed all her innocence and everything about her, then ditched her with cold words. Now he stands in front of her, riveting and handsome. He was my love in the past, and is still my only love. The memories of that love have come back to me...the love I thought I was over still burns in my yearning heart.

[Bundle]Kazuko Fujita  Best Selection Vol.4

This bundle contains : The Pregnancy Shock,A Stormy Greek Marriage , and MISTLETOE AND THE LOST STILETTO. Raised without a father, Bliss was a reject of the Greek island of Speros until the rich Alexei Drakos took her under his wing. Now nicknamed Billie, her friendship with him has continued for years, but stayed at that. Now in her twenties, Billie becomes Alexei's personal assistant, and she quickly discovers that part of her job is sending off Mr. Drakos's one-night flings. When a night of emotion ends with the two of them entwined, can Billie keep things professional, or is Alexei in for a pregnancy shock?

[Bundle]Virgin selection Vol.10

This bundle contains : THE SPANIARD'S WOMAN,THE SPANISH GROOM , and ONE NIGHT WITH HIS VIRGIN MISTRESS. Rosie’s mother loved her father till the day she died…even though he abandoned her when she got pregnant. Rosie wants to tell her father how her mother felt, so she goes to work at her father's mansion as a maid. However, her father isn’t there. Instead, a sexy man named Sebastian meets Rosie. Rosie is won over by his kindness, and before she knows it, she ends up in his bed. Will Rosie now share the same fate as her mother?

[Bundle]Virgin selection Vol.7

This bundle contains : An Uncommon Abigail,Married to A Mistress , and Contract Baby. Amy, despite being of noble birth, is attending a grand party at the famous Lyndhurst Chase estate, not as a lady but as a maid. Her younger brother Ned was last spotted at Lyndhurst before his mysterious disappearance. And there are rumours that Major Anthony, the owner of the Lyndhurst estate, is responsible for the disappearance of his own wife not long ago. What kind of trouble has her brother gotten into? Under the disguise of a lady’s maid, she sets off to look for clues of Ned’s whereabouts. But during her search, she comes across a mysterious man in hiding. Who is he and could he have something to do with Ned’s disappearance? But the more Amy learns about this handsome stranger, the more perilous her world becomes. Especially after she falls in love with him.…

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