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Miranda Lee Collection


Heartthrob for Hire

Is he going to kiss me again? Why?


The Secret Love-Child

We'll be lovers for just the two weeks of the trip.

Office Romance

The Billionaire's Bride of Convenience

He can give women everything they want.

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Miranda Lee Bundle

[Bundle] Rejected love Vol.2

This bundle contains : THE BOSS'S BABY,DESPERADO 1 , and DESPERADO 2 When widowed Maggie Barton hears of her estranged brother's accident, she rushes home from Morocco in order to help him, and to attempt to repair their broken relationship. But a dark secret ties the foster siblings together, and Cord's FBI job interferes with his life and endangers Maggie’s. Will they be able to pull through, together, or will Maggie's past be the death of them?

[Bundle] First Love Vol.4

This bundle contains :"Her Wish-List Bridegroom","14 VALENTINE PLACE",and "The Blackmailed Bridegroom".After losing her career and love life, Juliet is back home living with her mother, as if she was nothing but an empty shell. She feels disappointed in herself—she should have become a more careful, reliable, able woman, considering her mediocre childhood and her history of being bullied. Now, she struggles to get back on her own two feet in a hometown where so many memories haunt her. That’s when she unexpectedly runs into Gregor, who, all of a sudden, disappeared from town years ago. Not understanding her bewilderment, he casually calls her “Princess.” Her first love doesn’t even remember her! Is this reunion meant to be her destiny?

[Bundle] A Perfect Makeover Vol.3

This bundle contains :"PROMOTED: SECRETARY TO BRIDE!","A VERY STYLISH AFFAIR" ,and "The Playboy's Virgin".For the past three years, Molly has secretly been in love with her boss, Jarrod. She knows nothing will ever happen between them because they’re employer and subordinate…but it doesn’t keep her from dreaming about it. But when nasty rumors about their company begin to spread, Jarrod decides to get to the bottom of them, and he decides to take Molly out to parties with him to follow the trail of gossip. With the help of her mother and her meddlesome aunts, she manages to pretty herself up for Jarrod. He certainly takes notice of her new look, but is it the pretty clothes or Molly herself that have truly captured Jarrod’s interest?

[Bundle] Harlequin Comics Best Selection Vol. 46

This is a bundle of the best Harlequin comics! The vol. 46 is featuring the theme "In Love with Boss". It contains "The Boss's Baby" and "My Phony Valentine".Please check "Harlequin comics Best Selection Vol.46" for Free preview of this bundle.

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