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  • It's perfect:CryssaOct 18, 2016
    Once again, Vicki showed me she's an amazing writer. I loves this story, I have nothing to complain about for the first time!! I loved all the characters and the plot was incredibly unique!! I love...
  • The Baby Proposal
  • LOVE:CryssaOct 18, 2016
    I absolutely adore this one! It's one of the best. Not only did the guy want to sell his company and become a fisherman, he didn't blackmail missy. It's perfect
  • 【Limited 2016】Halloween Mystery Bundle Vol.3
  • pretty good.:erinOct 17, 2016
    first story was pretty absurd with all the amount of cosplay and how chill the hereoine was with constantly sleeping with a total stranger while in cosplay. The art was nice. Second story the art ...
  • 4.5 never used a pen name:JABOct 15, 2016
    Now, I liked this book for a lot of things. We have a childhood sweet moments, the hot and heavy scenes between the hero and heroine. I liked how we have new jobs instead of the usual boss/secretar...

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