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  • all over the place:CasandraNov 30, 2016
    this manga was all over the place as far as the story went and the art was pretty bad. There were too many weird coincidences. It also had the whole 'I love you but I'll leave you without bothering...
  • High-Society Secret Pregnancy
  • WAIT WHAT?:erinNov 29, 2016
    Who sent the letter? I get that its a 3 part series but wow, they totally just ignored that. This one is a little bland for me. She slept with him without protection first as a one night stand and ...
  • The Illegitimate King
  • Like an almost incest relationship. Yep they went for it but wait...:erinNov 29, 2016
    Ok umm, its really nice and all but one of the biggest issue is the fact that knowing theyre half siblings she chose to still bite onto the forbidden fruit gave me the shivers. Afterall it has all ...
  • it's more of a happy beginning:JABNov 29, 2016
    I didn't feel like this story had a happy ending but more of a happy beginning towards the end because the hero and heroine married at the order of the heroine's father who was just a black hearted...

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