About My Points

What is My Points?

My Points system is our special service for Balloons & Chapters members which offers points only when purchasing books. With 399 points, you are able to rent one comic (One-day rental).

My Points balance can be confirmed in My Page.

What can point do?

* Points cannot be used on discounted or sale items.

* Only Harlequin comics can be shopped with points.

My Points status

My Points The total points you have currently. (Actual Points and Virtual Points)
Actual Points The points you are able to use, except Virtual Points.
Virtual Points The points earned temporarily after purchasing. The points you earned this month will be activated on 15th of the next month.

How does My Points works?

How does My Point work

How to purchase digital comics with My Points?

  1. Pick up the title you would like to purchase.
  2. Click the title image and select "Reading terms: One-day rental".
  3. Click "Buy" button.
  4. Confirm your order and click "Shop with My Points" button.

* Button of "Shop with My Points" shows up only when the title is eligible to shop with points, and shows up below the button of "Continue".

How to accumulate My Points?

The Points you will earn are depending on the books price and rounded down to the whole number.

  Reading terms Price Member
(Free for register)
Comics One-day rental
(Harlequin comics)
$3.99–$27.99 3pt–27pt
membership period
(Harlequin comics)
$5.99–$46.69 5pt–46pt
(Harlequin comics)
$2.00–$18.70 2pt–18pt
One-day rental
(other books)
$1.00 1pt
membership period
(other books)
$0.00–$17.99 0pt–17pt
Novels membership period $0.99–$15.00 0pt–15pt

How to redeem Points?

  • With 399 points, you are able to rent one comic (One-day rental).
    * Points cannot be used on discounted or sale items.
  • Once you resign Balloons & Chapters member, all your Points will be invalid.
  • Please understand that if we end this service for some reasons, the points you own will be invalid.

Validity of My Points

My Points is valid for one year from the month it became "Actual Points".



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