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  • 2017/09/18
  • [New Release!] THE RETURN OF HER PAST
  • Mia was in love with the son of the family her parents worked for. One night, she took care of him when he showed up injured. They then became intimate. Their intimate moment was witnessed by Carlos’ mother and she yelled at her for not knowing her place. Mia then moved out for college. She launched her own event company after college and now lives a happy life. One day, she receives an event request from Carlos’ family. She tells herself not to mix her personal feelings with her business. She’s a mature woman now. But she soon learns her decision has been a wrong one in a hard way. Click here to read.
  • 2017/09/09
  • Alice was waiting for a guest, an old boyfriend, Kyros. He suddenly disappeared ten years ago after telling Alice that he was returning to his homeland, Greece, to get married. So why did he call out of the blue to say he was stopping by? Alice wore a bold, black satin dress. She wanted to impress him so that he would regret ever having left her…but the moment Alice greeted him, her heart was immediately shaken. It didn’t matter how much time had passed… His light tan, his rough, pirate-like features and strong body—he was all too irresistible! Click here to read.
  • 2017/09/02
  • In order to forget her painful past, Miranda leaves England for the island of Kalmos in Greece. Though she was once an aspiring internationl violinist with a future full of promise, a tragic accident abruptly ended her career and thrust her under the scornful eye of the media. As she seeks a chance to get away from it all, her fate soon takes a sudden turn. After finding herself almost drowning in the ocean, she is saved by a millionaire named Theo Savakis, who takes an interest in her immediately. Although she has no idea what he truly feels, Miranda is unexpectedly attracted by the kindness that she discovers beneath Theo’s masculine exterior… Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/17
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  • 2017/08/13
  • [New Releases] HER IMPOSSIBLE BOSS
  • Matt is at his wit’s end. As if he isn’t busy enough with business transactions for the company he manages, he’s left to take care of his ten-year-old daughter, Samantha, when his ex-wife passes away. Samantha rejects every nanny Matt hires. Just as the temp agency refuses to deal with him anymore, one of his employees introduces him to her younger sister, Tess. He learns that Tess is spending the summer at her sister’s place, and he hires her as a nanny. She immediately befriends Samantha, but Matt doesn’t expect to find himself falling for Tess’s carefree charms…!Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/12
  • [New Releases] ONE RECKLESS NIGHT
  • When Zanna arrives in her late mother’s hometown, her car breaks down. She visits a nearby mechanic and is taken with an arrogant man who is beautiful and carries the scent of danger. Zanna then goes to see the church that was in her mother’s childhood photos and her heart is struck by a painting hanging on the wall. When she asks if she can buy the painting, she is told that the owner will be hosting a dance party that night. Suddenly, that arrogant guy from the mechanic’s shop shows up and asks her to attend the party with him…!Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/11
  • [New Releases] DANGEROUS DESIRE
  • Monaco: the small kingdom facing the Mediterranean Sea, where even fairy tales as unlikely as a former Hollywood star becoming a princess can come true. Isabelle, an American, comes to this dreamlike country, where she meets Jean-Luc, an infamous playboy billionaire. Ever since Isabelle was cheated on by the man she thought was her perfect match, she’s lost all trust in men. But despite her hardheaded refusals, Jean-Luc persists…and Isabelle begins to change.Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/10
  • Lily Ford, who owns a small PR company, has successfully signed a contract to represent a major resort development company. The CEO of the company, whose name is Gage, is a playboy who always dominates gossip magazines. At first, Lily finds it hard to work with him, but when she sees how talented he is, she becomes attracted to Gage. However, she’s somehow able to keep her composure and concentrate on her job. Gage, on the other hand, becomes interested in Lily, who reacts totally differently from his ex-girlfriends, so he makes her a surprising offer…Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/09
  • Reba is a popular top model. She receives a marriage proposal from celebrity Elliot Thorson III, but she intends to reject him. Then one day, like a flash of lightning, she falls for a man, vowing to love him forever. Fate has arrived. She feels passionately for Hunter, a man she meets while being photographed on location in the Caribbean. But, after agonizing about the need to pay the enormous cost of surgery for her mother, Reba lies to Hunter, leaving him and choosing Elliot instead. But what she doesn't know is that he and Elliot are cousins…Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/08
  • Victoria isn’t good with men. She doesn’t want a boyfriend or a husband—she just wants a baby... She’s decided that Caleb, the owner of a newspaper company, is the best candidate for the job. Now she just has to seduce him and get him in the mood. Rumor has it that Caleb is a resolute bachelor and a playboy, making him the perfect choice. There’s no way he’ll be interested in marriage. So Victoria dares to slip into a sexy dress and attempts to seduce Caleb. He’s shocked by demure Victoria’s sexy transformation, but he firmly refuses her offer. He’s in for a surprise when he discovers her newspaper advertisement the following day—"Wanted: A Man to Father a Child."Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/07
  • Eve is strutting down the runway as a model for a glamorous fashion event. She cannot stop her legs from trembling in fear, but she has to do it for her late sister… Scribbled on a note her sister left behind is the name Raphael Di Lazaro, the name Eve believes is the key to unlocking the mysteries behind her sister’s death. And tonight is the perfect night to investigate since Lazaro is hosting the event. As Eve moves down the runway, her eyes lock with those of an imposing man. It feels like destiny, and it is…for she will soon find out that the arrogant and coldhearted man is Raphael himself!Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/06
  • [New Releases] THE ENIGMATIC GREEK
  • If Elle could just get an interview with the Greek multimillionaire Alexei Drakos, her project would be accepted, so she tracked him down on the island where he lives. But when he found out she was a reporter, it looked like he was going to kick her out! It seems he misunderstood and thought she was a paparazzo. There are rumors that he’s a coldhearted tyrant, but he looks at the islanders with such kindness. The truth about him is surely on the island, if only she can find it.Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/05
  • [New Releases] FOR HIS LITTLE GIRL
  • She’s boarded a flight from London and back into her past… High above the Atlantic Ocean, Pippa thinks back on the passionate days she spent with Luke eleven years ago, when neither of them could be true to their feelings. Today he’s a household name—a famous TV chef living in Los Angeles. Pippa worries about dropping in unannounced, but as soon as Luke lays eyes on their daughter, Josie, he’s overcome with joy…and Pippa’s heart is thrown into turmoil. She didn’t come to LA just to revisit her past. There’s something she wants to tell Luke… Something she needs to tell him, no matter what.Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/04
  • [New Releases] THE INHERITED BRIDE
  • Princess Isabella was betrothed from a very young age to the king of Umarah, a desert country. Before getting married, she yearns for one last taste of freedom. She wants to go shopping, see the Eiffel Tower and do things that regular twenty-one-year-olds do… So she escapes…only to be promptly found in her beloved Paris. She has been trailed by Adham, a tall, dark-skinned man with scars and a dangerous aura. Isabella seizes a chance to evade her pursuer, and Adham relentlessly chases after her…but when he catches up to her, he steals a kiss!Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/03
  • Summer Festival First Batch! Sale with Lowest Price $0.99!
  • Summer Festival with lowest price $0.99 only in Balloons & Chapters!
    First batch: August 3 - 16, 2017 (PDT)
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  • 2017/08/03
  • [New Releases] A PRICE WORTH PAYING?
  • Simone swore her love in front of a sacred altar. That love was a lie. Her marriage is just to put her grandfather at ease because he doesn’t have much longer to live. She wanted to let her grandfather believe that the vineyard Simone’s struggling family lost had been regained. With that in mind, she proposed the idea of a contract marriage to Alesander, the heir to the Esquivel family, which has been feuding with Simone’s family for over a hundred years. Little does Simone realize that Alesander expects her to fulfill all her wifely duties!Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/02
  • Sarah, who works in the editorial department of a magazine, has been hiding her royal heritage—her family once ruled a kingdom that no longer exists. One day she’s visited by Devon Hunter, the millionaire chosen as number three in the magazine’s “Top Ten Sexiest Single Males” ranking. But he has something to tell her and it isn’t about magazine business. He claims that her sister has stolen a priceless artifact from his home! But Sarah knows her sister wouldn’t do anything to hurt their family name. In return for not taking this matter to the police, and with her grandmother the grand duchess’s approval, Sarah must now go with him on a business trip to Paris as his fiancée!Click here to read.
  • 2017/08/01
  • [New Releases] THE REBEL PRINCE
  • Seri gets a call from her Aunt Tildy, who says that her most precious necklace has been stolen. Her aunt is eccentric, but Seri loves her all the same, so she promises to help her find it. Once she reaches her aunt’s home, she meets a man named Carch. He claims to be Tildy’s friend, but Seri can’t hide her suspicions. Even as she questions his identity, she feels a strange sensation every time he touches her and an intense attraction, too. Can she trust this man?Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/31
  • [New Releases] THE PATERNITY PLAN
  • Ten years ago, Gabe left Emily in the middle of their honeymoon, abandoning her for a new job. Now, just when Emily has finally started to forget about him, a letter from Gabe arrives at her office without warning! She refuses to meet with him at first, but when he gets involved with her work, she has no choice. Upon learning that Emily is fed up with marriage but still wants a child and is looking for a sperm donor, Gabe comes up with an unbelievable suggestion…and asks Emily to have his baby!Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/30
  • Rebecca works for an airline that caters to wealthy clients ranging from Hollywood stars and royalty to tycoons. Fraternizing with the airline’s clients is strictly forbidden, and she’s always followed the company rule. But when she meets Alexandros, a world-renowned architect, she succumbs to his overwhelming charm and passion and spends a night with him. Though she enjoys their secret affair, she’s also in constant fear of the end of the relationship. He’s a well-known playboy who keeps a girlfriend everywhere he goes. How long can she continue this secret life where all she does is long for his next visit?Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/29
  • Tracey has been a wild party girl for the past several years—nobody would guess that she has been living in fear of her grandfather’s abuse. When her grandfather dies, she becomes his successor. She wants the board members of his company to take her seriously, so she goes to see her old friend Nikos, a successful businessman, to ask for advice. But when they reunite, he acts coldly toward Tracey. He still believes her to be an unserious and shallow woman who enjoys the company of too many men, just like the gossip magazines say.Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/28
  • One night Josey’s husband demands that she divorce him. He has taken a lover and wants to leave. But Josey is pregnant! She runs out of the house and drives away. Struggling with her emotions and a sharp curve in the nighttime road, she winds up in a ditch. When Josey regains consciousness, she is being cared for by Tom, a handsome vet. He can be a bit abrupt but he’s also sweet… Josey finds herself growing attracted to him, but this second chance for love has some tricky curves ahead!Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/27
  • [New Releases] A Latin Passion/The Italian Billionaire's Bride
  • While working as a maid at the royal palace and hurrying up the stairs on her first day, Carmelina bumps into a handsome man, making her late for work. The man is Roberto, an old friend of her brother’s. He has returned to his home country after vowing to make his fortune and become a shining success. What should she say to him now that he’s a celebrity so far out of her reach? Her family is poor and their statuses are completely different now... This story (The Italian Billionaire’s Bride) takes place in the Principality of Montvelatte, an island kingdom in the Mediterranean Sea. Also included in this volume is the story A Latin Passion.Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/26
  • [New Releases] THE BRIDESMAID'S GIFT
  • Aislinn has a secret she doesn’t want anyone to know. The truth is that she has supernatural powers. When she touches another person’s hand, she can read their minds! Although she tries very hard to hide her ability, when she carelessly shakes hands with a man one day, she sees a deep, repressed memory of his—a memory of two boys in a river, one trying to stay afloat and the other desperately hanging on… And Aislinn has seen this exact memory before…in another man!Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/25
  • [New Releases] SURRENDER
  • Anthropologist Evonne has strange powers—she can’t actually see the dead, but she can communicate with them. One day, she obtains a vial that is rumored to have special properties. It’s said that the vial has the ability to enhance the paranormal powers of its owner. And her paranormal powers do indeed get stronger—to the point that she brings forth a spirit from the vial! The spirit is none other than the gypsy king, Viktor, whom she’s been studying! But why does Viktor appear at night and seduce her?Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/24
  • 48 Hour Sale Only in Balloons & Chapters!
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  • 2017/07/24
  • [New Releases] SHEIK SEDUCTION
  • While visiting the Middle Eastern country of Beharrain, Sara’s coworker is killed in an ambush by an unknown group of people. Sara and Tariq, who has a handsome face and piercing eyes, survive the ordeal. They escape to an oasis and spend the night together. He risked his life to save hers and she can’t help but be attracted by his bravery. However, as time passes, she begins to realize that she’s been swept into a plot to steal the throne and she must ask herself who Tariq really is…Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/23
  • Jane has run away from her cruel relatives, who took her in after her parents passed away, and made her way to the mansion of Hawk St. Claire, the Duke of Stourbridge, an aristocrat among aristocrats and the head of the notorious St. Claire family. Before she realizes it, she’s in love with him. But since Jane and the duke live in different worlds, she resolves to give up on him…until he draws her in for a sudden kiss, plunging her into turmoil. But as soon as he’s kissed her, Hawk apologizes for his transgression. As her guardian, he swears never to make the same mistake again…but when Count Whitney, a notorious libertine, approaches Jane, the envy on Hawk’s face is plain to see. What is Jane to do?Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/22
  • After her parents pass away, Jane’s distant relative, Lord Barnaby Sulby, takes her under his wing. But as soon as she arrives at his mansion, his wife, Lady Sulby, puts her to work as if she were a servant. Years later, there’s a party at the Sulby mansion and Jane catches the eye of the Duke of Stourbridge, the guest of honor. Before he realizes it, he’s offered to be her escort for the evening, placing himself in a difficult situation. Convinced Jane was seducing the duke, Lady Sulby accuses her of being just like her adulteress mother! Shocked, Jane flees, hiding herself amid the luggage in the duke’s carriage just as it leaves for London!Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/21
  • [Notice] Don't miss it! Something will happen on July 24-25 (PDT)!!
  • [Notice] Don't miss it! Something will happen on July 24-25 (PDT)!!
  • 2017/07/21
  • Summer, a social worker, is broadsided when Darius unexpectedly shows up at her office. He broke her heart seven years ago, but he has his own security firm and is here now to update the office security system. Worse, Darius has the gall to act as if nothing happened between them! Why did he break up with her in the worst possible way? She can’t trust him again until she knows the reason for their breakup. But at the same time, she can’t deny that she’s attracted to this new, even sexier Darius.Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/20
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  • 2017/07/20
  • [New Releases] OUT OF CONTROL
  • Being friends with Bruno, the son of a rich family, has been hard on Liza. The paparazzi keep spreading rumors of their “budding relationship,” thus never giving her a moment’s peace. While trying to get away for some relaxation she gets into another problem when she gets into a car collision with Kier, a man with the eyes of a wolf. Having no place to stay, Kier stays the night. Even though this man appears to be wild, Liza can’t help but be attracted to his charm. The next day, Kier is suddenly dressed in a suit. He leaves Liza in a state of confusion with his mysterious words. Just who is this man, and will Liza’s frozen heart melt and be free to love?Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/19
  • [New Releases] MARRIED FOR A MONTH
  • Rosalind is forced by circumstances to pretend to be married to her old flame Michael, moving into his great-grandmother’s country home along with her little brother. Once, she and Michael, who is now an archaeologist, shared an extraordinary passion, falling in love at first sight. But when Rosalind rejected his proposal, they quickly separated. She had no choice at the time, but can he ever forgive her for rejecting him? Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/18
  • [New Releases] THE THINGS SHE SAYS
  • While enduring life with her drunk father, VJ, who’s always dreamed of leaving her small town someday to fall in love, meets a famous film director. Kris is urbane and looks like a Greek god. Concerned about VJ’s circumstances, he takes her out of town to show her a dreamy, romantic time. VJ realizes her strong feelings for Kris, but she also knows his engagement to the star in his next movie will soon be announced. Must their magic end so soon? Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/17
  • Théo, a count and a businessman, knew he liked what he saw as soon as he met waitress Carrie. But their relationship had one important rule: don’t bring love into it. Carrie sees him as a Prince Charming, though, and falls in love anyway. She’s desperate to hide this from him, but when she lets it slip one day, he abandons her on the spot. And not long after, she’s shocked to learn that she’s pregnant. A year later, Théo insists that Carrie pay a visit to his castle in France, and she introduces him to their son. Who else but Théo would have the temerity to suggest that their child is her revenge? Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/16
  • [New Releases] WICKED & WILLING
  • One day a suspicious man shows up in Venus’s bar with shocking news: she might be the long-lost granddaughter of a very rich man. Venus, however, has made it through life on her own so far and doesn’t feel like she would fit into the stiff world of the upper class. When the man offers her money to accompany him to Atlanta, though, she decides to go along for the ride. There, she meets the perfect man, Troy, who also happens to be the vice president of the company her newly found grandfather owns. But even as the sparks of romance start to fly between them, Troy demands to know if she’s only come for the money. Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/15
  • A man shows up not long after Marlene’s mother and Paolo, her mother’s wealthy, married lover, die. The man says he’s a friend of Paolo’s and that he wants to discuss Paolo’s will with her. But then she overhears a cruel plot against her: “Seduce that low-class harlot who’s looking for a sugar daddy and leave her without a single penny.” Because Marlene, her mother and Paolo lived together as a family, the man has mistaken Marlene for Paolo’s mistress…and decided to punish her! Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/14
  • [New Releases] GENNI'S DILEMMA
  • After losing her father, Genevieve was raised by Blaine, who is eight years her senior. She loves Blaine, but agreed to marry another man. The reason? To spite Blaine. But she begins to regret her decision as time wears on. On the day of the wedding, Blaine offers his congratulations, the complexity of his emotions apparent in his eyes. Despite her misgivings, the ceremony begins, but when Genevieve must kiss the groom, the unthinkable happens! Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/13
  • [New Releases] UNDER THE INFLUENCE
  • Management consultant Natalie is on a business trip to California when she meets Johnny. A skilled bartender, Johnny is famous among the locals for his mixological skills, and he's reigned supreme as the king of the Martini Contest. That is, until last year, when Rita stole his crown... With so few opportunities to admire an elegantly suited woman, Johnny is mesmerized by Natalie and asks her on a date. Natalie finds herself equally attracted to the keenly perceptive Johnny. Meanwhile, Rita is worrying about the future of her relationship with Ben… Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/12
  • Taylor! What are you doing here...? Marsha found herself lost when her husband came up to her at a work party as the two were going through a divorce. A year ago, Marsha found out about Taylor's affair and moved out of their home. Her mother abandoned her when she was a girl, and Taylor's affair was absolutely unforgivable to Marsha who dreamed of having a happy family. It had been a long time since the two saw each other, but Taylor was collected and said to Marsha, "You can't possibly believe that I'm going to let you go." Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/11
  • Love between Gray, the first son of a notable family Alexander, and Cassie was shuttered by Gray’s father. Gray’s father didn’t even let her into the house, when Cassie showed up to tell them about her pregnancy. Eleven years later, Cassis provides for her son, Rob, by running a general store. One day, Gray stands in front of her out of the blue! He instantly understands Rob is his son and expresses his desire to take responsibility for his son, but Cassie, unable to forget what his father told her eleven years ago, refuses to open her heart… Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/10
  • [New Releases] THIRTY-DAY FIANCE
  • Nick is somewhat fascinated by a woman who lives on the second floor of his next door neighbor’s house. But he has no will to materialize his feelings for her. One day, a fire breaks out from the house where the woman lives and Nick rescues her, during which he burns himself. To his surprise, the woman he saved is his childhood friend Olivia. Wishing to help out Nick whose hands were burned, Olivia, now homeless, agrees to rent out one of the rooms of Nick’s house. That’s all there is, but people around them now believe that those two are engaged! Then Nick and Olivia decide to… Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/09
  • Keely can’t believe her own eyes. A new client introduced by her boss is the very person she yelled at over the phone the other day. She can’t absolutely tell anyone about having screamed at this psychologist, Lachlan, on his radio show! Because of her own personal reason, marriage isn’t part of her life plan and her goal is to be successful as a web designer. She’s unsure if he knows about her, but he takes her out and seduces her. If she isn’t careful, he may see through her soul. Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/08
  • Amy feels flustered when Hugh asks her to be his secretary for two weeks while his secretary is out on a vacation, in order to combat a seduction from his boss’s wife. She hesitantly accepts the job, feeling totally panicky inside. She knows well about Hugh, her brother’s best friend. He’s good at sports and very smart. He’s an attractive man who always dates a gorgeous woman. Spending two weeks with him is as good as jumping into a cyclone. She must try not to let him know how she really feels about him… Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/07
  • When Ella and Matt meet at their mutual friends' wedding, they fall for each other. But they have their own circumstances, and they know that in the end, they'll need to say goodbye. And neither of them are interested in a long-distance relationship. So they make a deal: one passionate week together, and then it's over. Ella and the short-tempered Matt butt heads by day, but their chemistry in bed leaves nothing to be desired. The days they spend together are so sweet, they seem like a dream. But as the day of their parting draws closer, Ella gradually feels an emptiness growing inside her heart. "Now that I know this feeling," Ella muses to herself, "perhaps I should take the plunge." What will she decide in the end? Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/06
  • [New Releases] THE SHEIKH'S CLAIM
  • Lujayn fell in love with Jalal, the prince of Azmahar, and chose to live with him. But as she is a commoner, their relationship was kept secret and never made public. However, upon finding out that Jalal has been bedding different women every night, she leaves the country heartbroken and then fell in love and married a wealthy businessman. After his sudden death, she returns to Azmahar with a heavy heart. But when she gets there, she meets the man she abandoned, burning with spite and malice for her. He will get his revenge, no matter what! Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/05
  • [New Releases] OLIVIA'S AWAKENING
  • Olivia, the eldest daughter of the prestigious Balfour family of Britain, is forced to work in Australia as punishment for disgracing the family name. Worse still, she has to work for billionaire, Clint McAlpine, who has a strong business connection to her father. “Why don't you come down from your ivory tower, Ice Princess,” he sarcastically remarked before regarding her high status. But what does he think of who she is now? What’s waiting for Olivia at the airport is hot, humid weather, and Clint. The stubble on his chin makes him look like a wild animal… At that same moment, she has a sudden rush of blood to the head, causing her to lose consciousness… Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/04
  • [New Releases] A HAPPY MEETING
  • After Cressida lost her father, she is exploited by her cruel stepmother who inherited all of her father’s assets. She doesn’t have enough money to leave the house and she also can’t leave Moggy, an old housemaid who has worked for her family since she was born. She just endures the painful days. One day she is helped by a passerby, who happens to be a doctor, when she couldn’t move after twisting her leg. He is a Dutch doctor named Aldrik. Cressida’s life rapidly begins to change from the moment she met this man with gentle eyes. Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/03
  • [New Releases] FRINGE BENEFITS
  • There is a reason why Jane wears a ring on the ring finger of her left hand. Because of her good looks, she has had male coworkers going after her and, in the end, she was forced to resign. So she came up with a strategy to pretend to be married. Her best friend tries to stop her by asking "What are you going to when you meet your Mr. Right?" But she didn’t think true love would find her any time soon.... Jane joins a new company and lies about her marital status, and she falls in love with the CEO. She lies that she has a nice husband who looks like Tom Cruise, and now she cannot take her words back...! Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/02
  • Madison is a consultant who improves the images of politicians. This time, her client is Prince Zain of Bajul. The citizens of Bajul are not welcoming of the playboy prince, but she only has one month to convince them that he is the true future king. However, Madison can’t focus when he’s around her because this perfect looking prince who could have anyone he wanted is clearly seducing her. “You’ve never been in love with someone passionately before.” How will she respond to his taunts? Click here to read.
  • 2017/07/01
  • [New Releases] BABY AND THE BOSS
  • Nia works as a secretary. On her first day, the new boss, Jake, makes a remark about her red hair, as if it was a bad thing! Since then, she has always felt a wall between them, which is especially painful because he is extremely attractive. One day, she is called into work by Jake, who says he hears something in the office. To their surprise, they find a baby! It seems like Jake’s twin brother, Josh, has left the son of his late wife with the two of them and vanished. They must look after the baby while trying to find Josh. So, what’s going to happen to Nia’s love life? Click here to read.
  • 2017/06/30
  • The son of a wealthy family, Spencer, bids on Kate, a nurse who is taking part in a charity auction. He requests her to pretend to be his bride-to-be for a week. But she has no interest in participating in some rich man's game! However, when she learns that he's doing it to try and put his grandmother at ease, she agrees. But when Kate discovers who Spencer really is, she regrets accepting the job. The two of them once spent a summer playing together as kids, and he was the boy of Kate's dreams. How can she play the part of his fake fiancée now? Click here to read.
  • 2017/06/29
  • [New Releases] HER LITTLE WHITE LIE
  • I only intended to borrow a name—who would’ve thought this would end up in the papers! In order to adopt her deceased friend’s baby, Paige lies at the government office that she’s engaged to Dante, the young hotshot manager of the major department store where she works. But somehow, the news reaches the press! While she prepares herself for termination, she desperately tries to explain herself to Dante when he confronts her with the headlines. However, Dante’s handsome face expresses contempt at her despair and he mercilessly fires her. But then, with a speculative look, he turns to a distraught Paige and offers her a proposal. “I will make you my wife. Click here to read.
  • 2017/06/28
  • [New Releases] TO CATCH A THIEF
  • Claire was in the world-class resort destination of Monaco to find her father, a renowned thief. Rumor had it that he was after the grand duke’s crown. She is rushing to stop him when she suddenly meets Luke, who is as handsome as a dreamy British aristocrat. And somehow Luke keeps showing up everywhere she goes—is he after the same crown as her father? And in the end, will he choose to steal the jeweled crown or something far more precious? Click here to read.
  • 2017/06/27
  • [New Releases] IN DEFIANCE OF DUTY
  • Kiara thought she had the perfect life with her husband, Azrin, the crown prince of a small Middle Eastern island. For five years, the couple lived life moving from one place to another, enjoying all the freedom that they had. However, the time for Azrin to become the king has arrived and the carefree life that the couple once enjoyed is now over. Kiara is faced with reality of becoming queen and she is now plagued with the fear of not being the ideal woman for the job. Now, Kira must decide if she should leave Azrin to save him from embarrassment or stay and become someone she knows deep down that she could never be. And, will Azrin be willing to let his beloved wife go and live a normal life or will he find a way to bind her to him forever? Click here to read.
  • 2017/06/26
  • All Jessica Hirst wants to do is protect her daughter, Lucy, from making the same mistakes she made at her age. Much to Jessica’s dismay, Lucy insists on continuing her rebellion and running around town with a boy named Mark. Determined to protect her daughter and discover what Mark is like, Jessica ambushes Mark’s father, Anthony, at his office. Sparks start to fly between the two as they clash over Jessica’s protective nature, but soon they set aside their differences to hatch a plan to talk with both children. Jessica finds herself becoming more attracted to Anthony, but she refuses to allow herself to be hurt again. Will Anthony be able to convince Jessica to give him a chance? Click here to read.
  • 2017/06/25
  • [New Releases] HIS MAKESHIFT WIFE
  • After losing both her parents, Briony Winters was adopted by a distinguished family in Britain. Since then, she has led a wonderful life…until she found out that the lady of the house, her godmother, Lady Ashworth, left a will with a shocking clause when she died. The will stipulates that to inherit the estate, Briony must marry Lady Ashworth's nephew and only blood heir, Luke Kingsley, who is also a famous hedonist. If she refuses, her friend Mary could lose her shop and Briony’s servants will be out of jobs. To protect her friend and her staff, she has no choice but to marry this playboy Luke, yet she is hesitant to enter a loveless marriage. However, after one passionate kiss at their wedding, she feels something stirring in her body… Click here to read.


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