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  • 2016/10/18
  • [New Releases]THE AMNESIAC BRIDE
  • When Whitney wakes up in the morning, she realizes that she has no memory. She wonders who this handsome man sleeping right next to her is. Is the wedding dress in the closet hers? Her groom seems more confused than she is. Her husband, Zane, tells her that they are in the middle of their honeymoon. Apparently she hit her head in the pool. But she becomes suspicious when Zane acts awkwardly and, though they are newlyweds, refuses her advances. Is she really who he says she is? Is he?Click here to read.
  • 2016/10/17
  • [Happy Halloween!!!]Halloween Mystery Bundle released
  • Balloons & Chapters release Halloween Mystery Bundle from Harlequin comics. These books contain not only romance but also mysterious story.Click here to read.
  • 2016/10/16
  • Paige, single mother and nurse, is worn out from everyday life. Abandoned by her selfish husband, she has no room for romance while working and taking care of her deaf daughter at the same time. It’s a financial stretch for her to even be able to attend the wedding of her best friend, Natalie. She feels uneasy with the bold, passionate stares she receives from a man during the wedding. He’s one of the groom’s cousins and looks like an Italian playboy type. She feels guilty for unconsciously enjoying his attention and finds herself awaiting his seduction…Click here to read.
  • 2016/10/15
  • By a twist of fate, the woman Lorna is introduced to as her boss’s fiancée turns out to be her long lost half sister, Kendra. However, unable to tell Kendra the truth of her birth, Lorna settles for the joyful opportunity to simply spend time with her. Then one day Mitch, Kendra’s stepbrother and heir to the staggeringly wealthy Ellery family, appears. He seems to think that Lorna is getting close to Kendra in order to get her hands on his family’s fortune. And before she knows it, this infuriating man has laid down a list of outrageous demands that turns Lorna’s world upside down!Click here to read.
  • 2016/10/14
  • Gracie has come to Rome in search of the father she never knew. When her money and hope have just about run out, a suited Italian man named Luca, who looks like someone straight out of a movie, offers her his help. In return for his aid, she is to tutor his young daughter. After she moves into his mansion, Gracie can’t help but wonder if she’s a fool, for she finds herself falling for the man. Still, she grows more and more attracted to Luca as she sees what a gentleman he is, even as she begins to realize that this happy-seeming family might hold a dark secret.Click here to read.
  • 2016/10/13
  • Lila, a secretary at a jewelry company, has long yearned for her boss, Nick. She never expected anything to happen between them, but one day a sudden kiss from Nick changes their relationship. At first, they barely graze each other’s lips, but they soon find themselves in a deep embrace. After they lose themselves in the heat of passion, Nick seems somehow colder. He is willing to have a relationship but won’t get married. Lila, who was abandoned by her father at a young age, is torn apart by his cold words. Has she put her faith in the wrong man?!Click here to read.
  • 2016/10/11
  • Overnight, Lana finds herself plunged from the height of marital bliss to the depths of despair. Her husband, Kyle, and his mistress are in a car crash, killing Kyle in an instant. His mistress is on the brink of death, and in her last month of pregnancy. To make matters worse, Kyle’s last will and testament names Lana as the baby’s godmother. Lana spends her days hounded by the paparazzi and her nights overcome with grief. It’s then that she meets Raffaele Rossellini, a handsome young millionaire who offers her a helping hand. She’s taken in by his warmth and generosity, unaware of his true identity: he’s the older brother of Kyle’s mistress! With a passionate kiss, he sets his plot for revenge in motion.!Click here to read.
  • 2016/10/09
  • [New Releases]WEDDING ON DEMAND
  • Jessica had hoped never to see him again... Luke, a successful young business analyst and old friend of Jessica’s stepmother, came to England to save Jessica’s father’s bank, and she fell in love with him at first sight. But on the night of her father’s sudden, tragic death, Jessica found Luke and her stepmother locked in a passionate embrace! So she left him, keeping a dark secret: she was carrying his baby. She never suspected that four years later, he would hatch a scheme to bring her back!Click here to read.
  • 2016/10/08
  • [New Releases]NO MAN OF HER OWN
  • Dedicated nurse Dominique visits the Romanos family in Italy right before submitting herself to a convent. Her younger sister is married to one of the Romanos boys and is in need of help. Moments after she arrives on the island where the Romanos family resides, her sister’s brother-in-law, Don Presidio, welcomes her. Little does she know that her decision to dedicate herself to God for the rest of her life will be turned upside down by this difficult, intimidating and proud man.Click here to read.
  • 2016/10/07
  • [New Releases]DRIVE ME WILD
  • Molly, the daughter of a famous movie director and a Hollywood actress, finds it awkward to be in the glamorous world of fame. Staying out of the limelight, she quietly makes a living as a ghostwriter for a famous actress. But she wants to publish her own work, too, so she pens a romantic story, which is rejected due to the lack of reality in her characters’ romantic encountersHoping to fill in this gap in her knowledge, she asks limousine driver Alec to assist her with her love scenes. Surely he can help!Click here to read.
  • 2016/10/06
  • Cherry’s long-awaited trip to Italy turns into a nightmare when her car breaks down, leaving her stuck in the middle of endless olive plantations with no cell service. That’s when Vittorio, a black-haired Italian man, comes to her rescue. Or that’s what she thinks... He gives her a cold gaze and tells her she’s on private property, that she’s trespassing. Cherry dislikes him immediately, but to her surprise, Vittorio invites her to come to his home, and even helps with her car. But Cherry soon discovers that she should have gone back to England instead of following him!Click here to read.
  • 2016/10/04
  • Bethanne is a pilot, and she’s using her skills to deliver a plane to Sheikh Rashid in the Middle Eastern kingdom of Quishari and to find her dad, who went missing there three years ago. Unfortunately her other cargo, the sheikh’s bride-to-be, eloped and now she has to stand in for her. At least the sheikh will help her find her dad, right? But even though she knows it’s all an act, she can’t help but be attracted to the fiery sheikh….Click here to read.
  • 2016/10/03
  • April Pruitt was all set to offer herself on the charity auction block until the moment her stalker started bidding on her. About to despair as she can’t possibly outbid him with her high school teacher’s salary, she is saved by the hunky millionaire Dylan Valentin. April’s excitement is quickly cooled, however, when she finds out that Dylan wants her to help him babysit his baby brothers.Click here to read.
  • 2016/10/02
  • [New Releases]LEADER OF THE PACK
  • Ellis Worth is the secretary to a powerful executive at a major corporation. The rumors said her manager was to become the next company president, but he was abruptly demoted instead. Now Ellis stands to lose her job. Suddenly the new president, Matthew Canning, approaches her. He asks her to stay at the company and work as his secretary. What can she do but accept the three-month probationary position under Matthew. ? It'’s a lot of work keeping up with the capable, hotshot executive known throughout his field for making miracles happen, but Ellis is up to the challenge. Before long, she begins to feel something stirring in her heart when she thinks of him…Could it be love?Click here to read.
  • 2016/09/26
  • [Bundle] Loveless Marriage Vol.1
  • This bundle contains :"Captured and Crowned","THE SPANIARD'S BLACKMAILED BRIDE",and "The Greek's Chosen Wife".Swept off your feet by an alluring prince on the moonlit beaches of Angyra? It'd be a dream for any number of girls, but Demetria's life is thrown into disarray: she's already engaged to another prince! When the king dies and her fiancé, Prince Gregor, falls ill, Demetria's passed from one heir to another. She's destined to be queen whether she likes it or not, but will a mystery man on the beach end up being her salvation, or will she have to be captured and crowned?Click here to read bundle.
  • 2016/09/19
  • [Bundle] Fake Lover Vol.1
  • This bundle contains :"The Sicilian Boss's Mistress","Possessed by the Sheikh",and "A Royal Bride of Convenience".Leonora has accomplished something tremendous. Her dream is to become a female pilot for an international airline, but no matter how many times she tries, she is denied entry. She realizes that she's not being hired because she's a woman, so she disguises herself as her younger brother, another pilot, and plans to show off her skills by piloting the airline owner Alessandro Leopardi's private jet. The bumpy flight goes well, but Alessandro finds out the truth and is so infuriated he threatens to fire her brother. To make matters worse, his reply to her apology is just too cruel!Click here to read bundle.
  • 2016/09/17
  • Lance is engaged with to a senator’s daughter? Kate, Lance’s secretary, is hit hard by this unexpected news. She’s dedicated herself to him for the past five years, hoping that he’ll reciprocate her love for him, but he’s always treated her like a sister. She submits her resignation letter, but her best friend, seeing Kate in pain, advises Kate to get a makeover to reveal her sexy side. But will Lance see the real Kate before it’s too late?Click here to read
  • 2016/09/16
  • [New Releases]ROYAL'S CHILD
  • Fed up with her job and without a family to support her, Angel makes an impulsive decision to skip town. When she’s stranded out in the cold with nowhere to go, a handsome man with beautiful eyes named Royal suddenly appears before her. Deciding that she’ll only stay with him for the night, Angel is awestruck by the size and splendor of Royal’s estate. And just like Royal’s daughter Maddie predicted, Angel ends up living in the mansion as their nanny... It’s the first time she’s found somewhere she feels like she belongs, but could something dangerous be lurking in the shadows?Click here to read
  • 2016/09/15
  • [New Releases]THE GROOM'S DAUGHTER
  • Nina’s adoptive parents were never able to give her the love she needed, so with nothing but his name to go on, she sets out to Sicily in search of her biological father. However, when her wallet is stolen, she finds herself penniless on the streets of Palermo. A handsome lawyer named Lorenzo comes to her rescue, but Nina soon learns that his intention is to trap her in his mansion and force her back home to England. Apparently Lorenzo’s mother and Nina’s father are getting married, and Lorenzo aims to keep Nina from getting in the way. Since Lorenzo won’t tell her more than that, Nina wonders if it is because she was born out of wedlock…until she learns that Lorenzo has mistaken her for her father’s lover!Click here to read
  • 2016/09/13
  • It’s understandable if Molly hates millionaires—when she was younger, a star named Francesco used her and threw her away when he was done. Since then she has tried to keep her distance from the world of fame and fortune, but now George, a millionaire who is developing a new line of eco-friendly cars, has taken a liking to her work in PR. When he goes to her workplace to hire her for the job, Molly refuses his offer before storming off. He gives chase, and when he finds her, he puts on a sexy smile to make her an offer she never expected!Click here to read
  • 2016/09/12
  • [Bundle] One Night Love Affair Vol.1
  • This bundle contains :"The Amalfi Bride","THE SHEIKH'S DISOBEDIENT BRIDE",and "PRINCE OF THE DESERT".One night during a solitary trip to Italy, the straitlaced Regina spends the night with a dangerous gigolo! She can't believe a smart lawyer like herself would give herself to a man she just met… This was how daringly irresistible this man Nico was to women. Nico seems to be somewhat of a celebrity in his hometown. But Regina didn't know that he is actually a renowned prince!Click here to read bundle.
  • 2016/09/11
  • Ginny's life as a doctor is put on hold when she returns to her hometown, Cradle Lake, to care for her brother in his final days. It's there that she meets Fergus, a fellow doctor with a dark past. He's taken a job in the small, sleepy town to heal his old wounds. Drawn to the pain and suffering they see in each other's eyes, they eventually fall for one another. "Just one night, Fergus. Make me forget it all," begs Ginny as she opens her heart to him. She never imagined that one lone night would bring them all-new pain…Click here to read
  • 2016/09/10
  • We're finally free! On a cold, rainy morning, with her dear old dog and cat in tow, Becky makes her daring escape from her wicked stepmother. She leaves behind a life where her stepmother threatened her beloved pets to force Becky to wait on her hand and foot. They've finally left to live the life they've always wanted…but first, in the midst of a downpour, she needs to find a place to live and a job to work. She walks along the road, her fears weighing heavy on her heart, when suddenly a Rolls-Royce pulls up beside her. The man in the driver's seat offers her a ride, and after he hears her story, he makes her an offer she just can't believe…Click here to read
  • 2016/09/08
  • Sitting in the palace garden, Eve struggles with her decision to accept this new job. A girl born and raised in America, can she fulfill her responsibility as a horse stable manager in the palace of an island kingdom in the Mediterranean? But what really concerns her isn’t her actual job or the new customs she’ll have to adapt to, but Prince Stefan, her boss. While agitated by his arrogant behavior, she can’t help feeling attracted to this intelligent, powerful man. Though she finally makes peace with her decision to accept the job offer, she realizes that there is no way for her to escape his charms.Click here to read
  • 2016/09/06
  • Isabella keeps her family’s restaurant afloat with a secret ingredient—basil that she picks from the bank of a river on Prince Maximilliano’s property. Max never leaves his estate, and the rumor in town is that he’s some kind of monster. The prince saves Isabella when she slips and falls into the river, and she witnesses firsthand his kindness as well as the grief and guilt he carries from his wife’s death. Isabella makes it her mission to pull Max out of his reclusive grief and back into the town he is meant to protect. Falling in love with him wasn’t part of her plan, though…especially since Max has vowed to never allow himself happiness again.Click here to read
  • 2016/09/04
  • [New Releases]MATILDA'S WEDDING
  • Matilda Paige is a plain girl working a simple job, helping resident doctor Henry Lowell heal the people of Somerset County. She has to split her time between her quiet boss, her ailing dad and a mother who wants to return to her former glory. While the job isn’t particularly hard, Matilda just can’t figure out Henry. On top of everything his fiancée, Lucia, is aloof and disparaging, hiding a mean soul under a beautiful face. Matilda may have a crush on her boss, but can she heal his heart and show him that a little warmth might be just what the doctor ordered?Click here to read
  • 2016/09/03
  • Seeking a quiet, reclusive rural life, Willow moves to a cottage in the country and ends up causing not one but two fires in quick succession. Her clumsiness angers her next- door neighbor Morgan and he comes to yell at her, but looking at her depressed face, he can’t help offering a hand. But Willow is reluctant to accept his aid and won’t open herself up to him. Regardless of what lies in her past, Morgan can’t stop himself from falling for this frail woman with an independent spirit.Click here to read
  • 2016/09/02
  • Cassandra’s older sister has asked her to babysit her children while she goes on a couple’s vacation. She is enjoying life in the beautiful Scottish countryside when her niece and nephew tell her a strange tale of an “ogre” that lives in the mountains. Curious, Cassandra climbs the mountain and is chased away by a cold man who lives there. Benedict, a handsome but unfriendly man, perfectly fits the mold of an ogre. But Cassandra can’t help but wonder why he shuts himself off from everyone around him.Click here to read
  • 2016/09/02
  • [Bundle] Lesson for Love vol.1
  • This bundle contains :"THE DESERT KING'S VIRGIN BRIDE","The Sheik and the Virgin Secretary" and "The Italian Boss's Secret Child".After the death of her parents, Sorrel, the daughter of English ambassadors, was raised by Malik, aide to the sheikh. Although Sorrel is English, she feels that Kharastan, the country where she lives in the palace of the sheikh, is her true home. However, there is only one reason for her to want to go back to England: ever since childhood, she's been in love with Malik. But because he became sheikh, she feels like the time has come to put an end to her unrequited love. But Malik, who misunderstands her intentions, makes her an offer she can't refuse! "If you wish to know men, I will be your tutor...! Click here to read bundle.
  • 2016/09/01
  • Two years ago, Melissa spent four wonderful days with Prince Casimiro as his lover. Now she works as a party planner and is set to plan a grand one for the Mediterranean kingdom of Zaffirinthos—with Casimiro as the host. Melissa sees Casimiro and her heart jumps—and she wonders whether she should tell him about his one-year-old son! Unfortunately, she finds a coldhearted man she barely recognizes.Click here to read
  • 2016/08/30
  • [New Releases]30 Days of Night: Red Snow
  • 1941. Hitler's Operation: Silver Fox has failed, but the war on the Eastern Front drags on as the Russian winter starts to bite. British military attache Corporal Charlie Keating observes the war from the Soviet side, making sure crucial supplies get through to aid Stalin's front in the battle against the Nazis. With luck, he too will survive to see the end of the war. But something else is out there, and they're not the Nazis. No matter how hard humanity tries to kill itself, something else does it better. 30 Days of Night/Fell co-creator and Wormwood Gentleman Corpse auteur Ben Templesmith's first solo 30 Days tale is collected here, presenting a war of a different kind, one that will have repercussions felt all the way to Barrow, Alaska a half-century later. Also featuring additional story pages, character designs, a cover gallery, and an all-new cover from 2007 Scream Award nominee Templesmith.!Click here to read .
  • 2016/08/28
  • [Bundle] From Misunderstanding to Love vol.1
  • This bundle contains :"Traded to the Sheikh","RULES OF THE GAME" and "MAGNATE'S MAKE-BELIEVE MISTRESS". In order to meet up with her sister and her husband, who live in politically unstable Zimbabwe, Emily travels on her own to Zanzibar. Her biggest mistake is to accept the charming words of a French trader who offers her a free ride in a yacht in return for her services as a crew member. This man turns out to be a drug dealer, and after being exposed by the sheikh, the trader offers Emily as a gift! The sheikh thinks she is a prostitute, and her attempts to convince him otherwise fall on deaf ears. And now, she finds herself held captive in the luxurious palace...!Click here to read bundle.
  • 2016/08/26
  • [New Releases]TAKING RISKS
  • Verity works as an operating room nurse at a general hospital, and is raising her daughter as a single mother. One day, a new doctor transfers into the hospital, and she cannot believe her eyes. It's Benedict—her first love, the man she’s been unable to forget. Six years ago, they met and shared a fleeting love that went as quickly as it came, ending with Benedict shunning her and disappearing completely. Soon after, Verity discovered she was pregnant, gave birth to their child and raised it herself. "He’s the person I hate most in this world. So why do I still feel love for him, after all this time?"!Click here to read
  • 2016/08/25
  • The funeral for Bronte's mother has only just ended, and Bronte is feeling rather down when she gets a letter. When she opens it, she finds it is from a little girl named Lucy. Lucy identifies Bronte as her mother, and begs her to grant just one wish for her daughter. At first, Bronte is utterly confused by this letter, but upon closer inspection, she realizes that the letter was actually meant for her older sister, Brooke. Brooke no longer lives with her and is now a famous TV personality, and Bronte had never heard anything about her sister having a child. And then one day, a man named Fitz comes to visit...and suddenly steals a kiss from Bronte's lips!Click here to read
  • 2016/08/23
  • [New Releases]HIS BROTHER'S CHILD
  • Donna is thrilled when her lover, a younger Italian man, proposes to her. Toni is a little irresponsible, but he can give her the family she’s always wanted. But when the two of them visit his family home together to announce their marriage, Donna learns the startling truth: his family home is a mansion! His family is so wealthy, it's like they live in another world. That's when Toni's arrogant older brother, Rinaldo, tries to pay Donna to break off the relationship, convinced that she's a gold-digger. And when he realizes he can't drive Donna off with money…he tries to seduce her!Click here to read
  • 2016/08/21
  • After a whirlwind romance with Leo, the prince of Feliz, Bethany ends up marrying him. She dreams of rubbing shoulders with the upper class in a fancy castle, but the nobles turn their noses up at her commoner background and her new husband is too busy to notice her plight. In fact, he's very insistent that she fulfill her duties as princess. In despair, she flees to Canada, her real home. Three years later she asks for a divorce, despite still loving Leo, and he coolly accepts. The only problem is that she must return to that nightmare country of Feliz in order to do it!.Click here to read
  • 2016/08/20
  • [New Releases]IF THE RED SLIPPER FITS…
  • Reporter Sarah is in a real bind after losing one of the red heels she secretly borrowed from work to write an article about. But as she's bemoaning her fate, a shocking figure appears—Caleb, the young CEO of a popular design company. He hints that he might have picked up the heel and demands Sarah write an article about his company. Confused by his conditions, she grudgingly accepts the trade, all the while trying her best not to fall for him.Click here to read
  • 2016/08/19
  • [New Releases]THE STORM WITHIN
  • Grace Hunter has to step in and hurriedly research an ancient text when the university professor who was supposed to becomes unable to perform the task. This valuable text was discovered in a castle on an Italian island that to Grace’s eyes is more like a fortress keeping people away. The owner of the castle is Count Alessandro Volta. A former pianist, his face was damaged in a tragic accident ten years ago, and ever since the count has secluded himself in the castle that has been in his family for generations. When he lays his eyes on Grace, he angrily blurts out, "I didn't invite any prostitutes here. Leave at once!"Click here to read
  • 2016/08/18
  • Along with her mother, who was mistress to a Greek millionaire, Louise often visited a mansion on a small island in the Aegean Sea during her adolescence. She developed feelings for the millionaire's son, Dimitri…but at the time, she couldn't pursue the devilish man who despised her mother and thought of her as a harlot. But when Louise was nineteen, this man she had never once spoken to before whispered sweet nothings to her and stole her body and heart away. "He used you to get revenge on me!" her mother had insisted. It's been seven years since then, and now Louise has to see Dimitri once more…Click here to read
  • 2016/08/16
  • [Bundle] Arrogant Hero Selection vol.1
  • This bundle contains :"THE HEIRESS BRIDE","THE MILLIONAIRE AFFAIR" , and "A Spanish Affair". Click here to read bundle.
  • 2016/08/13
  • [Horror Comic Updated]30 Days of Night: Spreading the Disease #1
  • Crawling from the wreckage of 30 Days of Night: Dead Space is this latest continuation of the 30 Days saga. In Spreading The Disease, Agent Michael Henson has all the evidence he needs to prove to the world that vampires exist... until the government takes it all away. Now, urged on by a mysterious friend, Henson must follow a path of carnage and gore in hopes of finding the answer to why anyone would want to put a vampire into space, with his only lead being to follow the fangs. Click here to read.
  • 2016/08/12
  • [Bundle] Billionaire Hero Selection vol.3 released!
  • This bundle contains :"MADE-TO-ORDER WIFE","BEDDED BY THE BILLIONAIRE" and "THE BILLIONAIRE AFFAIR".. Click here to read bundle.
  • 2016/08/11
  • “You are just like my hopeless alcoholic mother,” Sarah was told by her first love, Raoul, who took her viriginity, before he broke up with her. Five years have passed and Sarah, working as a temp janitor, freezes in front of the elevator. There is Raoul in a suit with a beautiful woman at his side. She wishes not to reveal herself to Raoul, now the head of a bank. He doesn't know her secret, that she had his child, Oliver, and she tries to disappear from the scene.Click here to read
  • 2016/08/10
  • Lucy is hired as a temporary manager by Daniel, the man in charge of the storied social club at which she is to work. At the party Lucy puts together as proof of her ability, she and Daniel find themselves drunk on success. What will happen between these two on the late-night dance floor…?Click here to read
  • 2016/07/18
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