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What is Monthly course subscription

What is monthly course subscription?

You are able to read 20 or 40 or 80 or 160 or 240 or 320 or 10  Harlequin comics per month with a reasonable fee.
You can have unlimited access to 20/40/80/160/240/320/10 Harlequin comics every month with a fixed fee.

  • $4.99  monthly course (20comics)
  • $9.99  monthly course (40comics)
  • $19.99  monthly course (80comics)
  • $39.99  monthly course (160comics)
  • $59.99  monthly course (240comics)
  • $79.99  monthly course (320comics)
  • Premium Monthly course($39.99)
    Monthly course which allow you to read 10 new harlequin comics every month.
    Please note that there might be old titles included in certain month.

See Monthly course for available titles.

What can you read in monthly course?

Balloons & Chapters selects 20/40/80/160/240/320/10 comics for you each month. You can find the list in monthly course page.


10 of 20 comics are able to be read in the month, and the other 10 comics will last to be available until the next month.
10 titles would be updated monthly. Readers would be able to read the available titles in the monthly course they subscribed.
In short, you can have unlimited access to 20 comics every month.

In the case you subscribe monthly course ($4.99) in April.

10 comics can be read in April. See this alart "Available until Apr. 30th."

10titles would be available for 2 months while another 10 would be updated monthly.

How should I know what will be updated next month?

Check "Coming on next month" on the right of month course page.

* Titles available for the following month would be announced at the end of the current month.

When can I start to read after subscription?

You can have unlimited access to 20/40/80/160/240/320/10 comics immediately.
If you continue subscription, you can have unlimited access to all titles for max 2 months.




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